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You might think that you have no time to entertain the idea of working with a product company, but in my opinion, you have no time like the present to catapult your career to levels you could never have imagined.  Even if you do this for a short while, you attain skills that build upon what you already know and in unexpecting ways.

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The easy part?  Think about your hairdressing training and what you see lacking, and what are your strengths?  Take a moment and consider the products you use.  Which ones are you in love with, either for the fragrance, or the feel of them in the hair, or you like how that company delivers on education, or it’s just so versatile.  What is the brand? S tart the conversation with your sales rep, or an educator who has actually taught a class in your salon.

See how the product company represents themselves, note the things you like and dislike, and how you would do it differently.  If you are already doing this in your head, you might be ready to step into the world of being an Educator.



Being an Educator for a product company will indeed help you grow in unexpected ways, and boost your career, however, it is not a path for the faint of heart. You place yourself in the unknown every time you step forward in a training, or in a salon. You are on the line and sniffed out by your peers for being up-to-date with your skills, being honest, your outfit, your hair.  A very high percentage of your affect on your audience is non verbal.  On the flip side, being authentic, true to yourself, saying no when you need to say no, and say yes to everything is vital.

In the beginning of this journey as an educator you will fall, you will make mistakes, maybe you’ve even seen an Educator stumble on their words, or completely forget their train of thought, or be harassed by a stylist in the salon or on stage. It’s no joke. It is a humbling experience.

But it’s kind of like having a child, you forget the challenges, and remember all the good. In all seriousness, I remember all the challenging situations when I’de been in front. I forgot my projector a couple of times, I had 20 people applying hair color at one time, and wondering how I got myself there, I’ve had people pull out their phones and start talking and lacked control of my situation.

But let’s remember here, we can either choose to close yourself down or to open and grow. Take feedback, because you can bet, the salon owner is going to be in touch with your manager within seconds of you leaving the salon, with open arms, because this is where you get to hone your skills as a presenter of information, as a stylist, and as a human being. No other thing you can do will boost your career in my book.



My success as an Educator for L’Oreal Professionnel is due to a couple of things. I’ve always said yes to the next opportunity, I’ve attended every training, I’ve worked many, many hours on my own dime to learn. I represent the company with 100% professionalism, I share my passion of the craft where ever I go.

Instead of shrinking when I experience difficulty, I get it out of my system, by thinking and sharing ideas about what my learns are, as well as my successes. Working with a product company continues to be one of the most rewarding moves in my entire career as a hairdresser. Working for them allows me to continue to grow my skills as hairstylist, as well as, a presenter, a leader in the industry, a speaker, a team player, a student, and a person.

Being an Educator gives your career dimension, and allows you to meet many people in the field, you get to walk in many salons and really get a taste for the industry, and the stylists who are struggling to be the best that they can be, as well as those who don’t care.

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Becoming an Educator is about learning about you, and what you bring to the table, your skill level, and most of all discovering in you a passion, because there will be low moments, where you feel you are stagnant, or not rising to where you see yourself. There are decisions that are made that you have no idea about, but you show up, you represent in the most professional manner, and say yes, and you do it because you want to.

Another unexpected benefit from partnering with a product company is your clients will love that you come back from your trainings, and classes you lead with renewed passion for what you do.  Your haircuts get better, your hair color formulas are on point, and you find the conversation in the chair to be very different.  In short, you show up differently in the world.

I think one of the most rewarding aspects of being an Educator for the number one beauty brand is that you have the opportunity to leave something of yourself behind, that the stylist will remember and hopefully, one day, empower them to make change.



If these ideas make you shrink in fear, than this is the path for you! Open to the possibility.



This article in Modern Salon, by Ivan Zoot, shares some good advice.


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