Work With Me

Feeling STUCK? LOST Your Mojo? RUNDOWN?

Let’s face it. ¬†Doing it alone, SUCKS! And often doesn’t give us the results we want, in the timeframe we want…or NEED.

Research shows that when we INVEST in ourselves to work with someone who has BEEN THERE, who has got the PROFESSIONAL CHOPS to support you, our goals are realized much faster, with a greater stick-to-it-ness (yes, I just made that up and gonna keep it ūüôā )

You are NOT alone.

I have been there before. ¬†I KNOW what it feels like to not know what to do next. ¬†To be OVERWHELMED with the seemingly endless choices that the seemingly endless ‘experts’ offer. ¬†To FALL OUT LOVE with my works. ¬†Then only to turn it around and to be ON FIRE WITH EXCITEMENT AND IDEAS, but not knowing which to start with.

Getting to where you want to go in the timeframe you want and need will indeed take working with someone who has been there before, knows where the pitfalls are to avoid, knows what the REAL OPTIONS are and WHY, one who has a community to connect with that are JUST LIKE YOU, THINK LIKE YOU, FEEL LIKE YOU.

Let’s do this!

What I Offer To Help

Let’s work together to get you the Clarity, the Peace of Mind, the Strategies you need for¬†¬†your life & salon business.

The S.O.S. Intensive – 90 Minute Coaching


A powerful Zoom sesh- you and me (you keep the recording).

We deep dive into your business and life and see what roadblocks are keeping you friggen stuck.   These sessions are SPECIFIC TO YOU and your needs.  Think of it like an intensive business makeover session.  You will receive insights, suggestions for your offerings, your biz and future plans.  PLUS INCLUDES **1 week of further support via Voxer.


PLEASE NOTE: ¬†Limited to 5 spaces/month (I’m typically booked up to 2 months in advance, so book accordingly.)

YES! - S.O.S. Me


Not to worry Hair Slayer, I gotcha covered with…

Stylist/Salon Tune-Up – 3/mo of high-level 1:1 coaching

$1797 or  $599/month

This is for you if your business is purring along, but it’s not running at the peak performance you envision. ¬†In other words, you’re ready to say¬†“Please, help me put some Ba Da Boom into my $?&# Rebecca!”

So, here is the dealio…you’re gonna get my biz glasses all over your biz; your offer, your social media, your pricing, your website, and more! ¬†Over 3 months of high level 1:1 coaching, your biz will get the tune-up¬†and the¬†LOVE KICK IN THE BUTT accountability you need…so¬†YOUR BIZ will get it’s engines running on ALL CYLINDERS!

3 months of high-level biz-revving coaching, including Voxer support throughout

PLEASE NOTE:  Only 3 spots available per quarter

YES! - Tune Me Up!

Fabulous Shirley, er, Rebecca, but what about a ‘tribe kinda thing?’

You’re Invited To THE Party Sunshine…

The Hairstylist Coterie – 3 Month Virtual Group Coaching

$1497 or $499/month

This is the ULTIMATE SMALL GROUP OF STYLISTS where we brainstorm together to create your killer signature salon biz!!!  A tailored curriculum is created for your biz to FINALLY get to that next level.

So get ready Рyou are gonna step into your dream hairstylist role like no other! This is PERF for the Newly Minted stylist who is looking to connect & learn with others.

You’ll get:

  • One 1:1 ____ Minute Welcome Aboard Call
  • Two – one-hour virtual calls per month with your small group
  • Voxer support throughout

PLEASE NOTE:  To keep the groups small, space is limited to ______stylists.

YES! Count Me In!

Love Notes

This is all FANTABULOUS, but I am an “all in, let’s get ‘er done!” kinda gal Rebecca.

Girl, you’re gonna seriously LOVE these then…

My V.I.P. (Very Inspired Producer) Program

Up Your Salon Game is the ULTIMATE in transformation for your life and stylist career/business! I’ve put all my background, experiences and trainings into this program – it is everything but the salon sink!

Mindsets, systems and templates to save you time and energy, self-care foundations every growth-minded stylist MUST put in place, and proven strategic planning, it’s all here! ¬†Up Your Salon Game is like hiring a full-time pro strategist that is your bestie, always looking out for you!

This Full Makeover Covers:

Business Review – value $1250

In our first together to Up Your Salon Game, we will review the following:

  • Your unique overall situation
  • How many active clients you have
  • How frequently they return
  • Returning vs New clients
  • Sales dollars
  • Your targets per month

Brand Assessment – value $997

Ah, branding.  It is so much more than just your logo.  In this phase, we deep-dive into what your branding actually is, and how on target it is with your ideal client.  We will examine:

  • Who is your ideal client and target audience, where to find them
  • What your font choices communicate
  • What your brand is communicating as to your vibe and personality
  • What colors best speak to your ideal client and your message

Your Vision & Action Plan – value $2500

Like a GPS for your car, you can’t get to where you want to go unless you have the right location programmed in. ¬†In this critical phase, we drill down on the goals you have for yourself and your business, then create the plan and actions to get there. ¬†We will develop:

  • Your vision for your life and business
  • A strategic overall plan on changes you need to make to experience this vision
  • An actionable, step-by-step plan to achieve the goals you have for life and business.

Email & Social Media Marketing – value $950

There is a SCIENCE to good email marketing and social media marketing.  In this phase, we will work out a plan that leverages your messaging to the MAX.  We will:

  • Examine your existing email and social marketing
  • Analyze what will land with your ideal client most
  • Discover tools that can help save you time and money
  • Set realistic goals that keep you moving forward without feeling like you are on a hamster wheel

Financials – value $750

Let’s face it, you’ve chosen this business, yes, as your passion, but also to run profitably. ¬†You are NOT a non-profit organization! ūüôā ¬†So, in this phase we will create the foundations a healthy business needs to thrive, by:
  • Reviewing your current bookkeeping system
  • Reviewing your pricing system and its effectiveness
  • Developing goals for what you would like to make and what you need to make
  • Discussing the viability of other possible revenue streams

Implementation – value $450

Finally, we put it all together, by providing tools and systems to support you and your business moving forward.  You will:

  • Support the implementation of your action plan by setting short term, measurable, achievable goals
  • Set foundations on what your pace is and how to keep balance
  • Receive a workbook to reference and¬†support your growth during and after the program
  • And finally, whoohoo, receive a Certificate of Completion that recognizes your investment in yourself, and the first of many new achievements!

Clarity, Peace of Mind, Proven Strategies & More, Valued at $6897 For ONLY $4999!

It’s like getting a pro salon strategist AND your new bestie, always looking out for you, all in one, and on sale! Honestly, who among us doesn’t LOVE a good sale?

This is designed for hairstylists or barbers who have completed the 3 Month Virtual Hairstylist Coterie, the Stylist/Salon Tune-up, and/or an SOS Intensive, or are just hellbent on BLOWING OUT their business to ALL NEW LEVELS!

Over the six months of VIP Coaching, you’ll get:

  • One 1:1 _____ Minute Welcome Aboard Call
  • One 1:1 _____ Minute Ready-Set-Go! Call
  • Twice/monthly group coaching call
  • *24/7 Voxer support throughout

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the intensity of the work at this level, space is limited to ______ persons per 6 month VIP group.

Easy Peasy Plan

Let’s make it easier with 6 payments of just $833 per month. ¬†Easy peasy!

YES! Sign me up!

Full Price Plan – SAVE $1898!

Save $1898 when you pay in full! ¬†That’s more than a few extra double-all-the-bells-and-whistles lattes!

YES! Sign me up!

And now for something truly special…

The Hair Boss Mastermind – Monthly VIP Retreats (One Year)

$11,999 or $999/month

It don’t get much better than THIS!

Twelve stylists, like you, who want to take their business to the highest levels gather together each month. ¬†A professional facilitator,¬†leaders in the beauty industry and beyond,¬†will guide each month’s session, training, engaging all through every thought-provoking, strategy-making moment.

In addition, each month a different member will be on the ‘Hot Seat’ with their business, wherein the group will together examine its every aspect, deep diving in the numbers, offering insights, strategies, questions and more. ¬†You will certainly learn as part of the group, but your learning will lift off when it’s your turn!

You’ll Get:

  • 1:1 Coaching session monthly
  • 1 Facilitated Group Session¬†
  • 1 Hot Seat Mastermind Session
  • *Unlimited Voxer Support
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Binder workbooks for each monthly coaching & mastermind sessions

This is one-of-a-kind program specifically for the Growth Focused Stylist and or Barber. NO S___! 

This curriculum is built on accountability, no excuses, get stuff done, and truly is about raising your consciousness to A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL!


PLEASE NOTE:  This ONE-OF-A-KIND program IS LIMITED to 12 High-Vibing, Skys-The-Limit-For-Me, Growth-Minded, Kick-butting, kinda hairstylists and barbers.  


“Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.”

~ Audre Lord

Coaching FAQs

What kind of stylists do you work with?

Stylists just out of school, those who are midway through their career, and those who want to grow their business, open a salon and basically, just more from their lives and careers. So whether you’re a salon owner, career stylist, salon-owner-wannabe, or just graduated, I can help you in salon business coaching. Not 100% sure if we’re a good fit? Your first session is free!

What if I don't have a salon yet?

You don’t need to have a salon up and running before getting coached. You’ll actually be¬†ahead¬†of the game if you get coached¬†before¬†you officially open for business. All you need is an idea and the desire to act. I can help you figure out the next steps to get you up and running.

Honestly, what will I get from this?

You’ll get a coach, cheerleader, and confidant. I will strategically look at your stylist career and business and offer real suggestions for improvement. I will encourage you to go after your dream. And everything from wins to disappointments will remain confidential.

Are you a 'details person' or an 'ideas person'?

I am generally an ideas person. I excel at looking at the big picture and helping you break that down into action steps. I can’t cover financial and legal details (specially considering they vary from state to state), but I can point you in the right direction.

What qualifies you for this work?

I believe I’m uniquely gifted for helping fellow salon owners and stylist. I combine my formal education with my experience as a self-started entrepreneur.¬†Someone once told me: “No matter what season of life you’re in, always have a mentor who is about 3 steps ahead of you”. I can be that person for you. In addition to running my own businesses, I’ve been mentoring women in one-on-one settings since 2011. Now I am infusing that mentorship with business. ¬†I take time to learn and invest in myself as a person, an entrepreneur, and as a coach. Not only am I continuing to improve as a salon owner, but also as a coach so that when you invest in me,¬† you’re getting the best value possible.

Will I be your only client?

No, I have a small client base. Except in group coaching, you will have my undivided attention during our sessions. I’ll also close my coaching services to new clients when I’ve reached my coaching capacity, meaning that current clients will always get priority.

What's the commitment?

You can choose your level of commitment. The first session is free. I recommend that everyone starts with a free first session. That way we’ll get to know each other and find out if we’re a good fit for one another. After that you can choose if you want to do single sessions or save some money by booking a few at a time. In either case, you are in total control of picking your appointment time. Everything is paid for up front, so you won’t experience any recurring automatic payments.

How will I book sessions?

You can book session directly online through my booking website. You’ll be in total control of what days and times you pick. The best part is that my availability is updated immediately as sessions are made, so there should be no schedule conflicts.

What if I need to cancel?

I ask that everyone keeps the appointments they’ve made or give me at least 2 days notice before changing them. If you do need to cancel an appointment, you can see my full cancellation policy¬†here.¬†

What if I don't live near you?

No problem!¬†As long as you’ve got internet, we’ll “meet” easily!¬†All sessions are online for group sessions and via phone for one-on-one sessions. You have the technology right in your pocket. Plus, you don’t even have to leave the house — score!

Got More Qs?

No worries! ¬†Let’s connect & get you some answers ~ without hassle or sales push!

It is time to put yourself at the top of your list for once! ¬†You can’t give out, when you’re all tapped out, so let’s chat about how we can give priority to your self-care for you and your salon business!

Ready To Start?

Fantabulous! Just fill out a quick questionnaire¬†& let’s get you on your way!

I will then schedule a call for us to chat more about what your needs are, and what is the best path for us to work together. ¬†I’ll give you the options, explaining in more detail and away we go from there!