True Transformation

There have been times in my life, where defeat ran my world, and it was a bear to wrestle with.  In fact, I don’t know if you can relate, but it seemed such an easy place to go in my mind.

I felt self-conscious about the family I grew up in, seven kids and blue collar family.  We always had food on the table and hand me down clothes, and presents under the Christmas tree.  But somehow, I felt unimportant in this family, and unlike the rest, and deeply sad.

Yet inside me was a reserve, a strength that I developed, a desire to better myself and my life, almost a determination to make something of myself.  Hard knocks came, and times of deep despair, losing two sisters, under the age of 50 years old, and my niece under the age of 18, then my grandmother, then my father.

Grief was kind of all I knew. Oh, I did hair still, and took care of clients, worked 40 hours a week.  Light got in anyway.  I started writing, and I found a therapist who took that lonely walk with me, I still consider her to be no other than an angel in disguise. There were days, I laid on her couch and just sobbed, as there was much I harbored in my heart. I literally would get in the car afterward, and sit until I could gather enough energy to drive myself home.

This deep pain awakened my senses, and new levels of appreciation for the simplest of pleasures, like a walk in nature, or planting my garden, or talking with a friend.
One thing I grew well aware of, is that the seasons change, and every one of us goes through a dark night of the soul, and this is the fertile ground of transformation.  This is where purpose, and meaning, and life calling can be birthed, if one is willing to do the work.  Life is still very mysterious, and full of unpredictability.  But we have this moment, and I can breathe in, and out.
My commitment to service, and to the hairdresser, were born from this place of finding out what my deeper calling was all about.  A renewed sense of purpose sprung up and my life continued to open in ways I could not have imagined.
There is always more to do, and more I want, and things I want to achieve. It’s not things I want, it is the reward of helping others, of helping hairdressers through their struggles, of helping them to become the best version of themselves and find true meaning in their lives.  Is this you?
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Yet, life can serve up a big dollop of humble pie occasionally, or unexpected events can change the course of our life in an instant, and when it does, how will you react?
I recently came across this blog, and Arash’s journey, made me pause and my heart opened when I read his story, so eloquently shared.  A deeply moving spirit and journey. Thank you Arash for connecting me to my heart.
Question:  How has a major setback, or life change brought you to a deeper purpose?  Post your answer on Facebook or Twitter.
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