Sifting Through The Sea of Distraction

Would you agree that the distractions are at a all time high?  From phones that never let us turn off, to work and clients demanding of our schedule, to family, friends, to do all that we want to do, to media, the street etc.  As hairdressers, the consequences are staggering when our attention gets so fragmented.


The multi-tasking is way out of whack. The low level, or high, as the case may be, anxiety that runs through us, our salons, or lives, and our culture, is palpable. You can almost taste it.  How are we not all going to end up with health issues, at younger and younger ages?

As hairdressers, our health, our focus, our attention to detail, our listening, our ability to ask for help, our creativity, our dreams can really be compromised by not being able to choose what is real and important at any given moment.  The bizarre disconnect we saw coming with technology has become the new normal.  We do not know the implications on society, ourselves, our bodies, and our children, with all the stuff we can’t see.

There are so many aspects to this conversation that need voice, for now I will talk about one.  Choice.  We have a choice about thought, action and process.  We have a choice to disengage and focus on the what is going to help us with our larger vision.

There is so much emphasis on being more, doing more, being better at, being the best, and I really believe this is costing us our well being, and our ability to connect with others.

I read two books by Deepak Chopra in 1989 and 1991, that really brought home for me the power of our thoughts, even if the scientific world debunks the idea.  Quantum Healing and Perfect Health were helpful for me to begin unraveling the beliefs I held about my life (they are still unraveling, fyi).  He talked about how the cells in our bodies having the ability to regenerate every day, our skin, everything in our body has this ability.  He also stated that we have approximately 70,000 thoughts a day, a number that I’m sure the same scientists refute.

However, even if this number was in the ballpark, how many new thoughts do you think shows up in the movie theatre of our brain? I would venture to say very few. In fact, every day our brain come up with the same thoughts like they are cozy little sweaters to put on, even if they have holes, stains, or don’t keep us warm anymore.

So like that sweaters, we cling to these thoughts of who we are, or not, and what we can do and not do as if it’s a done deal.  End of conversation.  And then, we expect a different outcome. Sounds like some version of torture.

Maybe if we can sit quietly enough we can think about what is real to us.  What things do we have control to change, and which ones do we not?  With rapt attention, say thank you to those thoughts that we have no control over, and let your mind release them.

What thoughts are the most important to us?  In the long list of them, which ones are most vital?  Choose five tops.  Write them down, revisit them during the day.  Give these room to grow, air out, and take steps to achieve them with ease and flow, versus hammering and forcing.

Say for instance your health is top on the list.  Choose a form of exercise you are interested in, research classes, instructors, schedules, cost, equipment, work out clothes appropriate for that activity, and release from doctor if needed.  Or maybe before exercise, you need to see a physical therapist.  So these are your focus, working on them as you can.

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Eventually, you will move through the items on your list, and you will be adding to your list.  But you must first get out all the distracting thoughts, as many times a day that feels right to you.  I suggest the morning or night.

Questions: What are the top five on your list? Post your answers on Facebook, or Twitter.

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