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Remember, when you were in kindergarten, or at home when you were 8 years old, and  you maybe rocked out some insane creative projects, and your mom said, “Oh honey, that is so beautiful!”  I don’t remember that.  However, I do remember putting different combinations of clothes and colors together, and my mom saying, ” You really should help with the house before you get yourself ready.”




The message I took from that was a bit of shame, but also I still battle my own inner voice that tells me the floor must be spotless, and my desk clean, and that spot on the window must be removed before I spend time creating.

Whatever your situation, we have to unlearn what others have said, good or bad, and dig in and discover our own creative energy, and we may be praised and we may be scoffed at.  Our job is only to do it anyway, because we have to, it’s essential to our nature.  The following are some thoughts on the matter.  Laminate it!  Post it the back room of your salon.

As hairdressers, creativity is an intrinsic part of ourselves, part of our DNA.

Unlike what we have heard, geniuses are born, but for the most of us, we practice at it.

As adults we have to get beyond the rules, and boundaries.

In the first seven years of our lives, we develop the capacity for creativity, and  can draw from this throughout our lives.

Creativity is not just about thinking up the next big idea, it’s about creating solutions for problems and applying them.

Creativity is not just for special people with special talents, it can be developed.

[tweetthis]”Creativity can save human beings from all sorts of ills, they just need an outlet.” REBECCA BEARDSLEY[/tweetthis]
Research shows, kids have a greater ability to access creative thinking, like 98%!  But as we grow older fear of rejection sets in.  However, their art may be less rich given their cognitive abilities.

Create junk!  It’s all about the practice.  Get those doll heads out and make mistakes.

Unlearn what teachers, parents, naysayers have said, be fearless in discovering who you are.

Creativity takes both the left and right sides of the brain.

Developing and sharing ideas and concepts with a group can help foster your creativity.

Play music that you love, that disappears in the background, and makes you feel good…contrary to what some do, hard rock music creates dissonance and does not help the creativity flow.  On the other hand, classical music will not help you if you don’t love it.

Be curious.

Try things.

Paint, draw, work with clay, play with another medium to start accessing this intellignece.

The more we can be in tune in with our bodies and hearts, they know know the truth.

As hairdressers we create under the most strenuous of circumstances.

Learning techniques is helpful, but then you must let yourself go.

Gather inspiration.

Be still, quiet down, it’s all there.


Question:  What tips on creativity have worked for you?  Share your answers on Facebook, or Twitter.



“Beauty is an Approach to Life.”
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