The Healing Powers

Haven’t we heard through out our life that we need to drink more water, it’s always at the back of our mind.  It sits upon our shoulders like a nagging friend, reminding us of what we should do.  And there isn’t necessarily science to prove that the average person needs to drink their eight, 8 oz. glasses a day.

Top 10 Reasons To Drink More Water

Konstantin Chagin

My mom use to sip water with her dinner, and drink a glass or two through out the day, and her skin remains supple and clear.  I drink it because of my friend on my shoulder, however, I also do it for the reasons listed below.  Water is such a basic need, and to have supposedly the most developed, powerful country, makes what happened in Flint Michigan a crime.
We can’t take it for granted!
My routine is to drink a Mason jar filled with warm water before I do anything.  I sip some before I meditate, and the rest while I write.  A reusable straw helps.  This simple routine helps me take care of me so that I may take care of others throughout the day, and helps me stay balanced.  Since we’ve been in a draught in California, I commit to finishing what I pour.  Avoid drinking water from plastic bottles, and  Camelbak is a great choice.
Here is my list of the healing powers of the top 10 reasons to drink more water.
  1. Water cleanses the kidneys and gets rid of the toxins we don’t need, a natural flush.
    2.  Clears the skin of toxin build up as well, like blemishes and fatigue.
    3.  Clears the eyes of redness, or any discolor from the whites and make them whiter and brighter.
    4.  Balances the fluids in the body and helps transport nutrients in the body.  Which is valuable for                                         the organs.
    5.  Weight Loss- there does seem to be a link between water consumption and weight loss.  Makes sense, the more you drink, the more full you feel.
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    6.  Flushes the colon!  Yep, maybe a little TMI, but this most precious fluid helps things move along, particularly first thing in the morning.
    7.  Clarity of mind.  Even when I get 6 hours or less of sleep, by the time I finish that Mason jar filled with warm water, I am more alert, I forget as I write that I didn’t have my coffee, I’m that awake.
   8.   Dehydration is created by all kinds of things including drinking coffee, or alcohol, and not drinking water.  This can cause a host of issues, like joint pain, muscle aches, and cramps.
   9.  Helps you feel alert, and energetic.
 10.  Helps you feel productive, and get things done.
 11.  Awesome for mind clarity, and gives your brain a boost.
 12.  Keeps sickness at bay, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the doctor, but it can’t hurt.
 13.  Our bodies our made up of 60% water, and if we work out, we loose that water, so drinking it helps us replenish.
 14.  You don’t hear it much, but another reason to drink water is it helps through out the day make better choices, for your body and health.
 15.  Peace of mind in knowing you are making a smart choice.
Keep camelback at your station, rather than an open cup, as chemical particles and dust can build up if it sits for any length of time.  Drink before you start your client, once or twice during, then after.
Short little slideshow for you from WebMD.
Check this out, I read this book years ago and it is very powerful, the Messages of Water by Masaro Emote.  Scroll below on his site, and you will see images of crystals when they played Beethoven or the Beatles.  Watch this short film about is project, it’s very interesting.
Question:  How does drinking water or not drinking water affect you?  Share your answer on Facebook, or Twitter.
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