The 10 Minute, 10 Step Solution for the Best Marketing

The 10 Minute, 10 Step Solution for the Best Marketing


Have you ever wondered how you can keep up with all the technology that is supposed to bring you tons of clients? Let’s face it there is not enough time in the day to do all that the online marketers say needs to be done to create an online strategy that works. You can hire a team to do it for you. However, we must not forget the basics of how to grow your business before the team comes on board and before all the technology. The 10 Minute, 10 Step Solution For The Best Marketing will remind you of what is at the core of your salons’ growth.


The article by Jeremy Marsan, 25 Salon Marketing Ideas the Pros Use, offers our industry great resources. One that caught my eye is Salon Nerds’s article, a hair salon website, and marketing firm, The Importance of Social Marketing for Hair Salons. Even though the article is about social marketing, they clearly state,

“42% of U.S. Adults Use One or More Social Media Platform

92% of Consumers Trust Word of Mouth Above All Other Advertising

70% Chose Online Customer Reviews as their Second Trusted Choice

82% of Small Businesses Say Word of Mouth Marketing is the Most Effective Way to Find New Customers”.

And yes, your clients sharing on social media is very powerful. However, they go on to say,

“Each salon owner, hair stylist, or any beauty professional is in a different stage of their career. For those of you that have been in business for more than 5 years, the low hanging fruit is going to be referral business, and retargeting past customers that may have not done business with you for a while. If you’re newer, than obviously customer acquisition and increased exposure will be the primary focal point of your social media efforts.”

Let me quote it again, “92% of Consumers Trust Word of Mouth Above All Other Advertising.”

What needs to happen here is getting back to basics, along with your social media marketing, and this is where The 10 Minute, 10 Step Solution For The Best Marketing comes in. It would help if you focused on the clients in your chair. They are your gold; treat them as such. It is too easy to get caught up in the right way to operate your business, and can feel like you are missing the fast-moving train of “successful salons,” however, I can tell you, sometimes those “successful salons” are missing it as well because they forget the fundamentals of basic business practices that work.

What are those basic practices that have always worked and are so easily forgotten?


“Never forget the basics of business. Take care of your clients.” REBECCA BEARDSLEY


Take 10 minutes every day and take these steps:

– Look at your appointment book for the day. If there are gaps, and they don’t get booked, hit the streets and local businesses.
– Decide what each client needs product-wise, keep track of what they use.
– What does each client need for a style change? What can you do to update them?
– How can you change their hair color? Add on service of face frame hi-lights?
– Determine when they need to come back.
– What tools do they need?
– Ask each client to come back, like you would a guest in your home.
– Write the name of each client on 3 business cards with their name on them. Let them know when they book, you will give them $10 off their next service. Have them at your station ready to go.
– Freshen your station with flowers, remove all memorabilia.
– If they are a new client, hand them a shopping bag of your latest newsletter, a gift card, and a travel-size product.


Although this 10 minute, 10 step rule for the best marketing may seem elemental and familiar, maybe you can revisit them and be honest with yourself about your ability to stay on task and be focused. The practice of practicing will keep your clients back for more for years to come.



Print this infographic out, keep it at your station in your scissor drawer, and look it over every morning.



Watch this video for a little insight into what your client may want.



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