Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it before, we should all sleep more.  But listen up, in order to say goodbye to the tired you and bring in the new year with fresh energy, we have to face the issue of sleep deprivation straight on, or we will not achieve our greatest good.

Sleep deprivation, fresh energy, tips for healthy sleep routine

Tired no more 
Our hairdresser training never talked about healthy sleep habits and what it can do for your business, and creativity.  Being tired all the time is no way to live because it drains all our resources inside of us.  We’ve accepted it as status quo, and almost do everything in our power to work against ourselves.  And if you are like me, I hate to miss anything.  But for the reasons below, we need to seriously look at this precious commodity of slumberland.
1. Poor sleep creates an environment of stress, chaos, and flight or fight mode, and is very hard on our bodies.  No sleep makes us cranky, and no fun to be around.  We complain more and eat less healthy than if we got the rest we needed.
2. Over time, lack of sleep can create long list of health issues, heart disease, accidents, irrational thinking, blocks creativity, to name a few.
3. Good quality sleep helps us respond better to our environment and the people around us.

Reassure your youngster inside you that you have this one.  

According to the Sleep Foundation in their article on How Much Sleep Do We Really Needwe need to make sleep more of a priority, as many of us are not getting the sleep we need.  We’ve almost forgotten what a good night’s rest feels like.  
Based on your lifestyle, needs, and amount of activity, determine how much you need.  Glance at this downloadable infographic.
Finding a sleep routine that works and sticking to it, will train our bodies to rest fitfully.  Some sleep tips include:
  • Drink less coffee during the day and less alcohol before bed.
  • Meditate before bed. Close your eyes and see if you can let your mind relax.  Sometimes guided meditations help.  Try this one
  • Write in your journal left over thoughts from the day, concerns, to do’s, desires, so they occupy less space in our hearts and minds.
  • Turn off screens well before bed. 
  • Create a comfortable, beautiful place to sleep, with a good mattress.


Every person can sleep better by creating healthy sleep routine, and better sleep supports our immune system, overall health and attitude, and libido for all our creative projects.

Make a list in your journal of the things you need to change in order to sleep better. Is it removing your office from your bedroom?  Is it purchasing a new mattress?  Is it turning off the computer at a certain time every night?  Whatever it is, do it, and you will live longer and have a much more creative life, and your coworkers will appreciate it.

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