Proven Steps To Build Your Salon Clientele

Proven Steps To Build Your Salon Clientele

During Covid, I was pulled out of hibernation by your struggles and MY DEEP DESIRE to support our industry and the many hairstylists out there who work very hard to carve out a living for themselves.

Our services went from feeling like a luxury to the recognition that our services are necessary, yes, ESSENTIAL, for people to feel like themselves and give themselves a little bit of self-care.

I don’t know about you, but I felt deeply cared for by some of my clients during Covid. Checks kept coming in the mail. It is at that moment that I realized, this sort of care is something we are so used to giving to our clients but when the table was turned, I felt a deep knowing that these relationships we spend years developing are something we can never take for granted.

In this period of forced time off, I decided to get on Facebook and begin responding to the concerns and fears of my fellow stylists. I created over 30 videos for you to view. I say this to not boast, but rather confirming how powerful the drive has been to delve into my creativity and be a part of helping you RISE!.

Out of that, #TheStylistCoterie was born.

I’ve always been a community leader, and I LOVE bringing people together. The coming together and sharing of ideas and resources is what I love to do.

The blend of mixing, connecting and networking with the juice of some education felt like a perfect way to kick off the opening up we are experiencing right now.

A snazzy mixer/education eve for a small investment and time commitment – one night each month, just for us – well, it just feels right.

In #TheStylistCoterie series, we will first jump in to explore “Proven Steps to Build Your Clientele” –  a chance to REFRESH and RESET our ideas about marketing. I’ll share with you the latest on how top salons and stylists are going about keeping their appointment book filled.

You’ll walk away with a ton of ideas, shared resources and workbook that we will use during this session.

Some other topics we will cover in the series are ‘Tried and True Consultations,’ ‘How to Show Up and Glow Up’, ‘How to Deal with Overwhelm in the Salon’ and more!.

I’m THRILLED to be sharing ideas and strategies with you!  I know you will find TREMENDOUS VALUE and you will walk away FEELING CONFIDENT about where you, and your business, are heading in this post-pandemic world!

I can’t wait to see you flourish!

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