Is An Olympian State of Mind What You Need?

Is An Olympian State of Mind What You Need?


“What am I doing wrong?” Is definitely a question a business owner or a hairstylist may ask when she/he/they had a busy day gone bad. Maybe you continually ask it of yourself, because you can’t seem to find a rhythm to your work, or maybe your salon isn’t working, or maybe you have staff issues and you just feel like quitting. Maybe you feel like moving to another salon, thinking that will be the answer. Is an Olympian state of mind what you need? This insider’s advice to break through will help give you perspective on the challenges we all face in business today. Small business is not for the faint of heart. Believe me, I’ve done it. Maybe it’s time to look at your failures differently.



You may want to first assess just what kind of person you are. Some of us like to work alone, and yet have set up practices to help us feel connected, and some of us love working with a clan and somehow acquired the skills to delegate and troubleshoot. Some of you own salons, some of you don’t. Whatever your set up may be, very day could be drama on the high seas in your salon. Will you stay afloat or will you sink?

If you are a salon owner, self-employed, or an employee, developing the skills and mindset of an Olympian will serve you well as you face the daily challenges in a salon environment, to be successful in business, and your life. Olympians know that failures are a part of the game, they train to concentrate on the prize, and keep their mind in check. They go for their dreams.

People have come to this country because they know it is the land of dreams and possibility. Have they lost much in the process? Yes. Have they sometimes wanted to quit? Sure. Has it been difficult? Yes. However, there is something to learn from their work ethic, just like the Olympian. Moving from survival to mustering the mindset of success comes from sacrifice, tests, struggles, tears, sweat and pain. The significance of the prize – the promise, the dream – is determined by you alone.

“Cultivating positivity and determination in the face of adversity is an essential mindset.”





In “An Olympian state of mind: Q&A with US Olympic Team Sports Psychologist Karen Cogan,” Evan Nesterak writes:

“Olympic athletes are masters of preparation. Most of us are aware of the years of physical training the athletes endure to compete at the highest level. But there’s a significant mental aspect to their preparation as well. Imagine if your entire life’s work lead up to a single event that lasted a matter of moments and the entire world got to watch. The pressure inherent in any Olympic event is as much an obstacle as any physical gate or hurdle that an athlete must clear. Not only that, with such slim margins of victory, an athlete’s advantage can often come from the mental side of the game rather than the physical.”

Nesterak quotes Karen Cogan, a Sports Psychologist with the US Olympic Team,

“To some degree that depends on the athlete, but overall one of the biggest things that I work with them and the coaches on is setting up high pressure situations beforehand.”

I love that! “Setting up high pressure situations beforehand.” I can think of a few high pressure situations that came up in beauty school, and I can sure think of a few throughout my career. It is clear that your mental state has everything to do with your success. How you react is everything, and how you deal with this pressure mentally is most of the training. Since your path offers plenty of opportunities to practice and develop your skills with craft, business, and people, we also need to train our thought process, when their is trouble in the salon.

I’ve mentioned the monkey mind before here, and the games it can play with you. The more you clear your mind, the more you take on an entrepreneur/Olympian point of view, and this will allow you to achieve great things in your life. Moreover, if you avoid the pain, the hardships, the awkward situations, you will not grow and develop. You may very well thwart the very experience that will teach you mastery, and elevate your life. You simply will not see what you are capable of transforming, and how that readies you for the next situation. Use this energy, this uncomfortable encounter with your limitations, to move you forward. Be honest with yourself, and don’t let yourself off the hook.



Harness the experience of hardship to catapult your growth.


Watch this video to gain some perspective on the challenges in your life.


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