Let's Make It The New Normal To choose authenticity in your salons is to declare a future in the beauty industry, but how many hairstylists actually are that?What you do today to bring honesty and awareness to your own life, the salon, to your clients, will have a profound effect on your energy level, your satisfaction, your happiness, and your ability to stay at a particular salon, or stay in your career, period. It begins with the owner, and trickles down. There always seems to be an underlying dishonesty, lack of transparency, and deceit in salons. Let's make authenticity the new normal in salons, and read on to find out how.

Authenticity Ercken

To Land Yourself In The Salon Of Your Dreams

You've been told to be the best at what you do, so you can climb up.  Maybe you’ve done everything the “right way”.  You’ve gone to beauty school, you got a job in a salon, but you quickly realize it isn’t enough to sustain you financially, or spiritually.  You stick it out to get some experience, but you have been working hard and long hours with little pay, and hope it gets better.

Dream Salon Yeulet

Are You Taking Care Of Yourself

Whether being financially wealthy is a personal goal for you or not, remarkable wealth has everything to do with genuine health.  We've all met people who are wealthy, and they flaunt it, they act entitled, the they are stingy, and it is obvious they are unhappy.  These are the people who will die with no one at their bedside.  This is not genuine health or wealth.

Health and Wealth

Unexpected Gifts Await You

You might think that you have no time to entertain the idea of working with a product company, but in my opinion, you have no time like the present to catapult your career to levels you could never have imagined.  Even if you do this for a short while, you attain skills that build upon what you already know and in unexpecting ways. beauty brand educator

Practice My 30/30 Challenge 

Every hairdresser needs to find their UNIQUE GIFT to share with the beauty industry.  It gives you a sense of direction, meaning and purpose.  Some hairdressers know as soon as they get their license, what direction captures their attention.  Others may need to try different things to find their strengths and assets.


That Could Make Or Break Your Business

How you respond to a client's dissatisfaction says a lot about who you are as a hairstylist.  Let's be honest, it's a sad day when a client returns to your chair and he/she/they are dissatisfied, and if you've been in the business any length of time, it's happened a few times.

No matter how long you've been styling hair, you never want to hear your client is unhappy with your work.  Here are fifteen ways you can respond to a dissatisfied client.  You choose.


Goal Setting Activities I want to spend some time here as the month of December says goodbye and the New Year approaches.  You will find here some ways that you can create your best year yet.  These are goal-setting activities that can help you remember the highlights of your year, and find areas that need looking at and refining, revel in the successes, and maybe even find people you need to have closure with. Goal-setting, dreams,