Anytime, Anyplace

Have you ever got up in the morning and started getting ready for your busy day at the salon, and you feel like you are doing the same old routine? Nothing feels fresh, in fact, you walk or drive the same old way to work.  You eat the same pastry and drink the usual coffee, day in and day out.  You look up and your hair is even looking like it did three years ago?  This is stagnation.

14758845_l   Does this sound familiar? It’s okay, we all can find ourselves muddled in a routine, that slowly begins to take over our lives. It’s human nature to go for what is comfortable, rather than what will grow us. And sometimes we even have to see the carpet wearing before we realize we are really in a rut!

The Essential List Remember, when you were in kindergarten, or at home when you were 8 years old, and  you maybe rocked out some insane creative projects, and your mom said, "Oh honey, that is so beautiful!"  I don't remember that.  However, I do remember putting different combinations of clothes and colors together, and my mom saying, " You really should help with the house before you get yourself ready." [caption id="attachment_665" align="aligncenter" width="1024"][/caption]  

Give Voice to What Needs To Be Said Along The Way

For some, this is easy, for others it may seem like the worst idea ever, as it was for me.  The irony is, what needs to be said sometimes is actually a shout out for your deeper self, to live the life you were meant to live.

The minutia of our day to day can muddle our dream, and mask yearnings for connection, and being heard.  Circumstances can chip away at our self-esteem, and people can get the best of us when we are already feeling less than.

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Sifting Through The Sea of Distraction

Would you agree that the distractions are at a all time high?  From phones that never let us turn off, to work and clients demanding of our schedule, to family, friends, to do all that we want to do, to media, the street etc.  As hairdressers, the consequences are staggering when our attention gets so fragmented.


Lessons Learned

The feeling of not having enough, whether it be true or not, can be a real show stopper for your personal self-worth, your business, your creativity, and joy. I know this feeling well, scarcity existed in my household, even though we had food to eat.

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