Humor:  A Surprisingly Easy Way to Stay Healthy

Humor:  A Surprisingly Easy Way to Stay Healthy


I recently listened to an interview with Dr.Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, authors of Humor Seriously: Why Humor is an Important Weapon in Business and in Life. I laughed as they talked about stories from their childhood and how humor played a role in their lives. And then, I thought about mine.

One of the questions Naomi asked her family, while they sat around the dinner table was, ”Who is the least funny in our household?” They all sheepishly looked around at each other, and she quickly realized it was her that was the least funny.


So guess what I did? That’s right. I asked the same question of my family that night at the dinner table. And, yes. I am the least funny.


The interview made me pause and reflect on my own dinner table, my business, and my life.  The topic made me realize how, yes, humor in the darkest moments of my life was like a welcoming wave of joy. I’ve always believed if you brought humor to the table, you really can get through just about anything. Try taking the humor quiz. You might be surprised at your responses.


The Manifold Benefits of Laughter

The authors discovered in their studies that people who laugh actually live longer. Research on the benefits of humor at work shows that having fun at work improves both physical and mental health.


When we laugh or are having fun, our bodies release hormones that help fight stress.  Not only does this help improve our immune system also gives us a better mood.


Laughing Meditation


I also thought about the wisest sages and teachers I have been fortunate enough to meet, and those I have read about. Humor always played a role in the teachings. In fact, they seemed to radiate joy as I’ve never witnessed before.


In reflecting on some of the pilgrimages I’ve taken to Tibet, Nepal, and India, and some of the happiest people I met were the common people, joy blooming from their faces. One time, a poor woman working in the field paused and with a wide smile and eyes that shone like crystals glanced up at me. Tears dripped down my cheeks. No explanation, but that the joy ignited in me deep happiness that caught me off guard.


I believe after this year, we all perhaps lost our sense of humor. I know I did at times.


How about you?


Have you ever heard of laughing meditation? Yes, there is such a thing. Laughing meditation is a simple practice of forcing yourself to laugh, and soon, joy takes over. Check it out right here:


Seriously Add Humor

What if you brought humor to your salon? Not the biting kind, or hurtful kind, but the pure joy kind? What kind of profound effect would that have in some of your salon meetings? Humor can seriously diffuse most difficult situations that might arise in the salon.


We can’t talk about bringing humor into the salon without talking about how willing you are to laugh. Generosity with your humor can offer others the encouragement to relax and feel safe.  Humor can actually make you easier to work with and more successful.


So, if after reading this article your curiosity is brimming,




Ask the question at your dinner table this evening, ”Who is the least funny in our family?” You might be surprised at who it is.





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