How To Obliterate the Funk and Get Some Juice Back in Your Life

How To Obliterate the Funk and Get Some Juice Back in Your Life


Have you ever experienced the harshness of life where you are crushed to the ground facing your issues? When you are in so much pain, you can’t see a way out? Think of how to obliterate the funk and get some juice back into your life, like a warm light glistening in the darkness of winter, luring you into the places within that you share with no one. A place where maybe your sense of clarity and mission has been lost or covered up with just surviving.


You might be looking for the next story in our series called THE SHEROES AND HEROES IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY; however, a pause for a holiday feels right. When you think about ending this particular year and beginning this particular new year, think about where you are right now in your life and your business, and see if you’ve buried your head. Winter welcomes you into hibernation. Please think of the mighty bear, storing up his energy for spring. He sleeps, period. Let yourself retreat, and rest, and feel. Let yourself return here if you feel overwhelmed by emotion.

THE OLD STORYReflecting on what is real for you now is an absolute must if you plan to release the funk. Identifying what is causing your energy to get muddled and slowed can take time and is not the path for everyone. Maybe you are busy as all get-out, with plenty of clients, and yet you still feel funky, like none of it has meaning for you. Or maybe you’re tired of spinning out on the same issues that block you from the success you would like and feel you deserve.

Look. This path of being human is not an easy one. You’ve got challenges that are real. Genetics, environment, and predisposition are all real. But until you can face your own internal life, you will be in deception and pain without understanding the true richness life provides. Yes, you’ve made choices, and there are consequences to them. However, you’ve still bought into the story that you create your windfalls and that you create the hard and difficult stuff in your life. You still believe you have control over everything, and you fight with the fierceness of that bear for it.

Life happens. The vastness of the universe resides within you and outside of you. When you begin to see that you are a player in a grand play of life and allow yourself to seek the truth of the matter for yourself and the humans around you, the superficial falls away, and the pain melts away. There is nothing to control and nothing to fear. How to obliterate the funk and get some juice back in your life is no quick fix, and yet it is.



If you are looking in the face of an angry person or an angry interaction, it is easy to let your anger and blame rip. What if, at that moment, you ask yourself, “What are the highest truth for both of us and this situation?” Allow the presence of mind to settle in, and you may find the fear and anger begin to subside. Let go of trying to control the outcome.

Something happens. Your awareness begins to shift. You may discover a new perspective, and a new experience may occur. You may find that the energy dissipates, or, better yet, you may find a resolution. Or, you part ways, accepting the differences.

Once we accept (easier said than done) that issues arise, money may come, and it may go, and life flows in and out, just like the seasons change. There is nothing to do differently, but you can use these issues as an opportunity to see the truth of who you are. The more you become aware of the world inside you and the joy that exists in that simple connection, the more your world and your relationship to your world can begin to take on lightness and real juiciness. This is not to be mistaken with forcing or manipulating joy, but with lasting joy. And this, my friends, is when you begin to see the world change around you, people reacting differently toward you, and your bank account growing.


 “Let go of trying to control the outcome.” REBECCA BEARDSLEY


How this relates to your salon life is a good question. How many salons do you feel have a deep understanding of this kind of dialogue? How many hairstylists, barbers, and all types of beauty professionals understand this basic principle of life? The energy we create in a salon space and our interactions can make the difference between just surviving and waiting for the misery to end and abundant, juicy life force flowing throughout your life. It makes a difference in how you show up in your communities, your families, and your relationships. Toxicity in salons will recede where there is consciousness.

Make time for yourself this winter. Ponder the riches you have inside. As this develops, and you begin to understand the mystery of your life and your relationship to the players in it, how to obliterate the funk and get more juice in your life becomes a state of being rather than something to acquire. Authentic joy, creativity, and juiciness await you, and no one can take this away from you.

Let these words live in your awareness over the next couple of months, and remember, the light is always on at home. Happy winter.


Taking time for yourself when your first wake-up can be very liberating; try taking 15 minutes, then build up.



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