How to Filter Through Advice When You’re at a Crossroads

How to Filter Through Advice When You’re at a Crossroads

The day has come when you find yourself facing one of the many types of crossroads that hairstylists go through. And chances are, everyone has something to say about it!

At any turning point in your life, your friends, family, and partner will have many opinions about how you should proceed. Some may offer helpful suggestions, while others may drag you down with criticism about your new direction. When so many people offer you such different ideas, you must know how to filter through their advice and learn who to listen to.

When someone gives you advice, whether you like it or not, ask yourself these three questions:

Does he/she mean well?

If a close friend gives you advice, you can generally know that they mean well. But if someone else gives you advice, especially when it’s counter-intuitive, you really need to think about their motivations. A co-worker might tell you not to take a promotion because they want it. Likewise, a friend might be against your new creative direction because it doesn’t mesh with their own preferences. You need to make sure that these people give you the advice to help YOU, not to serve their own interests.

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Does this advice fit with my lifestyle?

This is a fundamental question to ask when you are facing a business crossroads. If you really need the money, but a friend is urging you to take a pay cut to pursue a new creative direction, they might not know your financial situation. Or maybe a family member is urging you to go down a new path in your relationship that you aren’t comfortable with from a moral or religious standpoint. So when you receive advice, make sure that it fits your lifestyle in-depth you know it, not how others perceive your current situation.

Has this person been right before?

A lot of times, the advice you take depends on who is giving it. Someone who has to lead you astray in the past probably isn’t the best person to listen to again. On the other hand, a good friend who gives wise advice is a great person to listen to when making a big change in your life. Though it’s important to give people a second chance, you need to decide who you trust most and listen to those people.

With these three questions, you will be fully prepared to take the next step in your career, knowing that you have taken advantage of everyone’s advice. Remember, career and lifestyle changes are about you, not about who your family or friends want you to be. Take their advice when it fits you, but never change who you are to fit them.


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