How Stylists Can Save Money In A Pandemic

How Stylists Can Save Money In A Pandemic

Money Tools That Help You Save Money

“I work tons of hours.  My rates seem accurate.  But I always seem to be stretching to make ends meet Rebecca. And you can just forget about saving any money!  Honestly, it shouldn’t be this hard.  What am I doing wrong?” Sadly, I hear this too often from my stylist coaching clients.

But I’ll tell you what I tell them…saving money has never been easier – yes, even IN a pandemic.  It all comes down to having the right mindset and sourcing the right tools. 

Saving, even in a pandemic, can be made easy with the right tools.

Our mindset around money needs to be expanded or even re-written. Thinking that one doesn’t make enough, or isn’t deserving of prosperity, is never going to get us to our goals.  Shifting this mindset is vital to making everything else work.  

We got to believe we are worthy, and that we are worthy enough to put ourselves first, in finances as well.  Then and only then, can we start seeing what is possible in opportunities and new tools.  This is the year to open yourself up to all the opportunities and tools that are available to you.  And there are some good ones out there too!

For example, last year, in the absolute WORST YEAR of our industry’s history, I generated $1100 in savings from one of my star apps – without me even thinking about it!   And this is just one of the new tools I am using.  Here are my faves:


In our interview last week with Jeff Warren from Secure Retirement, we talked about the brilliance and ease of Acorns; an app that I’ve been using for the past year.

Acorns is a microsavings app that makes good use of your spare change for you. With as little as $5, you can open an account and begin changing your future!  From investing your change in a diverse range of available portfolios to saving for retirement, Acorns makes it easy to save and build an investment portfolio.  Plus, one of my favorite features is that they offer a debit card that directly ties to all my investment desires.  Acorns, in my opinion, is a fabulous way for stylists and salon professionals to begin growing taxable investments.

The Way it Works

Every purchase or payment is rounded up to the nearest dollar, then they invest the difference for you.  Acorns charges $1 per month, and a hefty fee of $50 per ETF to transfer investments. There is no charge to sell your investments or transfer your cash to a bank account. 

And that debit card I mentioned? It gets you cashback on purchases from over 400 partners!

Acorns offers:

  • Automated investment accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investment accounts for kids
  • Checking accounts

You can also set up a weekly automatic deposit from your checking account into your Acorns account, and watch your investments grow even faster! Check out 


Jeff and I also discussed last week how health savings accounts are yet another way to easily save and invest, tax-free.

Essentially, a health savings account is an account you can use to pay medical expenses that are not covered by medical insurance, such as alternative health services like acupuncture or chiropractic. You can also use the account to save money for your deductible for any emergency medical issues.

The magic kicks in though when you don’t spend these saved monies.  You are then allowed to invest them.  For self-employed hairstylists and beauty professional contractors, this makes a very wise investment and a huge impact on your financial portfolios.

For individual coverage, you are allowed to save $3550 a year.  Families are allowed to save a whopping $7100! Hello?!

See for yourself what is possible for you with this tool.  Just ask your current bank for details, or go to for more info.


Ever needed to ask an expert for money advice, but didn’t know where to turn?   Sure, you can find anything online if you’ve got nothing but time to search for the right answer, but honestly who has that kind of time?

Instead, makes it easy by being THE source for quality information and professional advice on any financial topic, like saving in a pandemic, that you may be interested in.

Whether you have questions about insurance, investments, mortgages, personal loans, or student loans, they offer actionable information.  Be sure to grab a spot on their newsletter list to be always in the know of financial trends, apps, etc too!

Pro tip:  Check out their 2021 Best-Of-Awards list for THE latest in financial tools and platforms.  This list is an Up Your Salon Game master tool, giving you reviews of tools you can use right now, IN a pandemic, to leverage your works.  

Here’s to working smarter ~ not harder!



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