Inexpensive, Effective, and Easy to Use

Okay, my hairstylist friends, today I’m going to share with you how pilates prop can help you with body pain.  They are inexpensive, effective and easy to use.  You can even travel with them, store them in attractive basket or container and keep in your living room, or wherever you watch TV.  We will go through each one that I use on a regular basis and share my own discoveries as well.

Pilates Props Rodriguez 

Of course, you will use precaution if you have any serious injuries, and ask your doctor if you have any questions or concerns, as I am not a doctor.  What I can share is how these props have helped me.
According to Wiki, “Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates, Germany. His father was a prize-winning gymnast and his mother a naturopath.  He studied both Eastern and Western exercise including yoga.”
“He developed a series of exercised that were intended to strengthen the human mind and body.  Pilates believed physical and mental health were interrelated”, says Wiki.
These exercises are designed to strengthen the core and lengthen and stretch the muscles.  The exercises are performed on a series of apparatuses, the most common one is the Reformer.  There are also exercises performed on the “mat”.
Now, honestly, these exercises and movements are mental exercises that have you question whether your body was meant to do them.  It is a slow process and really slows the mind.  This form is truly extroadinary.  In an earlier blog post I mention Arash, who defied everything the doctors and surgeons told him by using Pilates everyday.  Hi mother is a client and mentioned how he is helping to create a prototype for paralyzed patients with his Pilates studio. Very powerful!
If you would like to read more, check out this article.
So let’s do this!
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The Portable Roller  Helps release tension in the muscles.  Love this thing, roll it over calves, thighs, shoulders, arms.
The Muscle Foam Roller  This works well to sit on and lean to one side, lift lower leg, cross over and place ankle on other knee, and roll.  Oh my gosh, you’ve never felt anything so painful…these muscles get so tight from standing all day.  Another killer way to use it is to lay it underneath your neck and roll back and forth.  Wow!  I can lay there for a very long time releasing these tension areas.  Light weight for travel and I just roll up socks and work out clothes and tuck them inside.
Massage Therapy Balls  These are great for our feet hairstylists!  First just let the ball of your foot wrap itself around the ball, and your heel anchored on the floor.  Then, roll your foot in three vertical lines from toes to your heel, left side, middle and right side on both feet.  You thought the top releases were rough, wait till you try these.  Finally, let the ball your foot rest on the ball again, then gently roll side to side.
Pilates Ring–  This is great for core workout , abdominal , thigh, leg and arm toning.  This prop can be used a number of ways.  Lay on your back, place feet on the floor with knees up, and place the ring between your knees, and press together as you lift up with your palms supporting your neck.  This is not easy, and for back support, I place a rubber ball (pretty soft) at the small of my back.  You can try a variation of lifting and twisting.  Go easy at first.
Of course you can add Resistance Bands  for arm and back strengthening.
These props can help you get back in touch with your core power, and they will help relieve stress and tension in your body.
Breathe as you play with these props.  Take a deep breath and as you exhale, perform your exercise.
Enjoy the simplicity by quiet strength of these women in this beautiful video titled: art of motion: Pilates & Props, it captures the essence of pilates.
Question:  Where does your tension build up?  Let me know on Facebook, or Twitter.
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