Holiday Tips To Rock Your Salon Game this 2020

Holiday Tips To Rock Your Salon Game this 2020


As we know, this year is unlike any other. The unpredictability of Covid-19 and the impact it will continue to have on our businesses is unknown. But there are a few facts to keep in mind. This holiday season will be unlike any other.

Gone are the days (for now) that people will be able to linger at the product shelves, and feel the energy of the holidays in salons all over the country. Business is curtailed, and not feeling festive.

So what can we do during the holidays to bring cheer to our clients? How do we make their holiday shopping effortless while supporting our business?

If you haven’t already, plan for the month. Place product orders and secure supplies.

Implement touchless purchases through your online store, and promote. Offer home delivery for a limited time.

Shop from local Apothecaries and gift stores. Ask for wholesale pricing.

Here are 7 absolutely fun ways to add some pizzazz to your holidays this year.


1. Gift Cards or Gift Certificates

If you don’t already, create a custom gift card on Canva, or order stock gift cards for less.  Companies like Square offer this service as well. Place these cards strategically in your salon, let your clients know about them, send it out via an email campaign, and social media.

You can even offer a 2 for 1. People love a deal. If you can, offer a Buy One, Give One promotion. Extend this offer into the new year.


2. DIY Product Sets That Reflect Your Brand

You don’t have to rely on your vendors to create box sets. Create your own, partner with makers to add special items, besides hair care and hair styling products.

What you will need:

  • baskets or boxes
  • raffia or tissue 
  • clear wrap
  • ribbons
  • cord
  • handmade card with a note from you
  • sample or travel size products
  • something extra like a soy candle, or organic tea  (think self-care)

Other ideas include:

  • A box specific to hair type (the possibilities are endless!)
  • Add a wet brush, a hair towel, hair ties, hair pins…

Let your imagination and creativity bloom here.


3. Ornament Surprise

Decorate a tree and hang ornaments that contain a gift certificate or a promo or coupon with $5 off.  

Your clients will be pleasantly surprised to have these kinds of “treats” on your tree.


4. Send a Personalized Holiday Card

Place a photo of your team as the card.  Putting your team’s photo on the card will remind your clients that the whole team’s got their back. 

Let them know how you appreciate their loyalty to your business. Be creative. If you have a flair for art let it all out here. Express yourself. Your clients will appreciate it.


5. Send a Postcard with a Promo

Postcards can be fun with your own branding, or a photo of your team donning reindeer antlers and masks of course! Have fun with it. This will surely take your promos from drab to fab!


6. End of Year Product Sale

Make inventory easier by offering a deep discount for products you want to move out or discontinue.

Remember, the sky is the limit here. The more you personalize your offerings, the more authentic the message. Think quality versus quantity. People don’t need to be bombarded with more stuff. Simple offerings with your brand will make them happy.


7. Send a Fun Video Message from Your Team

Singing a song together, of course, you can practice first.  Or, each stylist can speak for 30 seconds offering holiday cheer.

We have all been through a lot of tough experiences this year. All the more reason to make the holidays extra special and unforgettable. Your repeat and loyal customers need to know how much you value them. Both in business and friendship.

Consider how you can spread joy and love this season. Let’s end the year on a high note.

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