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We all have had moments in our life that we are overcome with a joy like no other, that stems from sharing with someone we care about, or a complete stranger.  Maybe we saw that they were struggling and we offered a hand, or someone reminded us of what we mean to them.  This moment lights up our world and we feel joy at a deep level, the kind you can’t get by buying a new jacket at Zara’s.


Many obstacles can get in the way of feeling gratitude, or having an attitude of acknowledging a benefit we have received or will receive.  In fact, we can feel downright upset for what we are not getting?  Can you identify with that?  I sure can.  And this road gets real lonely after while.  Everything that comes out of our mouth is negative, and soon, no one wants to hang out.  Negativity begets negativity.

Our “monkey mind” needs to be reigned in sometimes.  The part of one’s mind that wants to go down the same old track and take over, needs to be put in place.  Train it!  Gratitude can be cultivated in a daily practice, and for those of you who resist the discipline, remember that no great thing comes easily. The process takes all of five minutes.

Daily practice means getting up before your official day begins, and when distractions are at a minimum, and writing down what you are grateful for.  They can be small, or large, long ago or current.  Choose a lovely journal, or a simple pad, and a beautiful pen.  Keep it in the same place, so you can come back to it.  Develop the routine.Write down whatever comes to mind, and you will see your list gets to the real essence of your life, and the people that matter, the aspects of your life that matter.

[tweetthis]”Journaling gratitude brings you to the essence of your life.” REBECCA BEARDSLEY[/tweetthis]

Since practicing myself and formalizing the writing down of gratitudes, the tension in my own body has lessened, my heart feels more accessible, my appreciation for my family has increased so much that there is more ease in our relating, more joy.  My clients are not irritating, I feel more appreciated by them, and as a result I feel more in service to them, less like I have to get something from them, but more give to them.  In general, I feel softer.

So much so, that I have made it my mission to finish off this year going down my list of friends and family that I have incompletes with and completing with them.  Let them know I appreciate them, and the lessons learned.  It is never to late to let people know just what they mean to you.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  All of the witholds take up space in our hearts and minds.

When you can begin this practice you increase your own experience of happiness, and you feel more connected.  Notice the difference.

Question:  What are you grateful for today?  Share your answer on Facebook, and Twitter.

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