Feeling Your Grief and Finding Your Voice (Part 2):

Feeling Your Grief and Finding Your Voice (Part 2):

Boost Your Creativity in the Face of a Pandemic


As we continue the journey from grief toward healing, creativity plays a significant role in our attempts to maintain balance in our lives. Creativity serves as a grounding force when we can connect with it and allow it to be expressed. The form does not matter, as the expression is everything when you are an artist.


To even begin to think about being creative when we all have been stressed and worried about how long this pandemic will last or how long salons would be closed may sound crazy.  However, we need to tap into our creative wells all the more, or else we will run dry, sinking further into despair.


How many of you experienced your creativity shutting down entirely during the SIP orders?


After the first couple of weeks or longer of being in shock…maybe some of you began doing something else that might express your creativity. Was it knitting? Painting? Cooking? If you adopted any of these crafts, then you are probably quite naturally a gifted stylist who can easily access their creativity in any form.


Maybe you found the pivot to be quite effortless initially and more problematic as this SIP went on, and on, and on. So, by the time your salon opened up, it almost felt like you needed to just get from point A to point B with no frills.


For some, styling hair is just a way to make money and feels like drudgery. These people haven’t discovered their innate creativity yet or valued it enough, or have chosen the wrong career. Maybe they have to work, fight, or grovel to access their creativity. Creativity may not be part of the equation but a pure function.


In getting back in your salons, at first, FEAR, once again, can steal the show. It literally can make us…


Freeze up

Second guess ourselves

Sabotage ourselves

Not value our creativity

Not charge for that creativity.

Conforming to trend


After sheltering in place, and with constraints on how we do business such as seeing fewer clients in a day, our clients wearing masks, the protocols and such, I think will affect how we access our creativity. But, I think you will soon find that you begin to venture into making changes for clients. Your creativity is not a static thing and boundless on a client. She is a living, thinking, appreciative(hopefully), and she responds to your work. The exchange and feedback loop helps remind us that we can create, and when we do, we begin to trust ourselves again.


Wherever you are on the scale of feeling it or not feeling it, this time has affected us. How soon you get back to feeling the BURN for what you do as a stylist is unknown. But the more you can tap into the source of your creative self and express it in any way, you can begin to unlock and unblock the flow.


“Creativity is the real magic of our universe,” says Adriana Diaz, writer of “Freeing the Creative Spirit. I love this book. Adriana brings in the sacred and reminds us that the real magic is in each of us.


Cultivating Creativity

I have three suggestions on how to navigate this unprecedented time.



We do need to keep our services simple right now—no doubt about it.

Be clean with your work, tidy, and confident. If you are not feeling creative, it’s through the simple action of simplicity that you make room for inspiration to show up.


Be the leader by offering simple suggestions for next time; simple changes lead to success. Success doesn’t come overnight; it comes through deliberate action and taking small steps.




Your craft that includes touching people’s heads is a Sacred action. We have to remember the sacred and the honor of what we provide as hairstylists. It’s not just about cutting someone’s hair or technically being brilliant. You can be as technical as you want, and if you don’t respect the space between you and your client, and your own ability to honor yourself and create a sacred space where you work, you will never be successful.


I’m not talking about woo woo stuff here or that it has to look any particular way. Acknowledge the sacred inside yourself, honor yourself, your space, your client, and the creativity that comes through you.


Follow your intuition. You must learn to trust your gut.


So keep it simple. Remind yourself to acknowledge the space you create for you and your client. Make room for your soul to remember the journey you are on. Allow creativity to return.




Like I said before, the constraints are with us for a while. We’ve got a lot to work out right now, in our minds, hearts, and spirits. The intensity of the times can’t help but show up in our salons, and in our practices. You cannot demand that creativity just show up. That is not the magic we are speaking. We have to go within and make peace with where we are. Call it. Be honest with yourself. There is nothing wrong with getting back on the bicycle and riding for a bit to get back in the driver’s seat and start changing up every one of your client’s color formulas or forcing change.


Early on in your career as a stylist, being creative can look messy. Fear can make you timid about jumping in. You cannot just dabble; you must surrender yourself to the process and trust you will come out the other side.


“I can ask for help when I need it.”


There is a time and a place for jumping in. Not every client, not when you are feeling insecure. Take baby steps.


Uniquely You

Here is a constant reminder that you should be saying to yourself every day, “Your creativity is what makes you unique.”

Say to yourself, “I trust that I can fix any situation.”


You need to nurture it continually so it continues to grow, blossom, and help you achieve all the glorious things you want out of your life.


As hairdressers, we create under the most strenuous of circumstances.  Ironically, maintaining and nurturing our creative spirits can keep us in good health.  Creative expressions and endeavors improve our health.  The straightforward act of listening to music rejuvenates our immune system functions. Tunes can release inhibition and o allow the mind to relax, and let go of control; pleasure and relaxation take over.


How have you kept your creativity flowing? I’d love to know what worked for you.  Let me know on our social channels or you can email me here.>>



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