Crossroads and Your Parents

Crossroads and Your Parents


Life presents beautiful convergences and happenstance along its pathways. What happens when you are a beginning stylist or a seasoned stylist and reach a defining moment? Who comprises your support system? Who provides advice to you at critical stages?

Most people turn to their parents at pivotal junctures in life because it is natural for children to look for parental approval. After all, parents guide their children from birth onwards and know not only who their children are as adults, but the person’s inner child.

When should you seek parental advice, and how big of a role must it play in your decision-making process?

If you have a healthy relationship with your parents, run the situation past them. Parents are fantastic at linking your best interests with your course of action. They tend to support what is best for their child; it’s just instinct. If your parents play a financial role within your life, they might be a bit more attached to the outcome.

They are also individuals themselves with their own attitudes, traditions, and values. There comes the point in many people’s lives where they build their own identity, regardless of what an older generation finds acceptable. Parental advice carries more weight when their words link to financial ties or in certain cultures, but you are still in control of your destiny. After all, where there’s a will, there is a way!

How do you approach your parents for advice?

As with looking for advice from anyone, approach them at a quiet, convenient time. It’s never an idea to ask your parents, say, whether they think you need to buy your dream home while in the middle of a crowded interstate. Pick a time when people aren’t stressed out from external circumstances, so they focus on what you’re saying and participate in the conversation.


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