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I want to spend some time here as the month of December says goodbye and the New Year approaches.  You will find here some ways that you can create your best year yet.  These are goal-setting activities that can help you remember the highlights of your year, and find areas that need looking at and refining, revel in the successes, and maybe even find people you need to have closure with.

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All of them provide you with the opportunity to congratulate yourself for a year well done, and dream your future.  Although goal-setting can sound hum drum and unexciting, the act of writing them down ups your chances of actually achieving the life you want to live.  It’s an activity for the inspired.



Create a written timeline of your life’s major events. Find pictures and phrases in magazines that represent them.  Combine these, using glue stick, scissors, marking pens to create a time line. Play music to evoke a mood, and ambience for relaxation and tapping into your spirit. Browse Spotify, Focus category, and you can choose one of many selections, such as, Deep Focus, Intense Studying, Atmospheric Calm, etc.

When you’ve completed your timeline, see what stands out.  Is there a theme, or patterns? You could even go as far as looking at what you would like to see happen in the next year, five years, etc. Sit back, and look at what you have created and tweak if needed. Maybe for the next week, add to it, keep your supplies handy.

This can be a great activity as a salon with your coworkers, or employees. It serves as a community building, and a way to learn about each other.  Maybe try it after the new year, as a way for you to have the new year energy working with you, instead of cramming it in the holiday time.


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This takes a bit of time to concentrate, so rid your immediate environment of distractions.

Now that you have the mood set, list the area’s of your life:  Health, family, work, friends, craft, education, fun, hobbies, community work, money, kids, relationship, etc.  Highlight the top three that you feel need attention.  Then take those three and write as long as you can, what you need to do to create success in these areas.

Highlight the top three, and write them on your calendar. Keep these with you. I travel around with my moleskin notebook with these lists to remind me of what needs to be done, and keeps it organized in one place. Check them off as you take step towards completion.

You will find that the list continually changes, and evolves, and comes back around. But it allows us to keep a focus on the prize, which to me is peace of mind, and open up our psychic space for other things. Otherwise these act as drains on our energy, and can bog us down.



For some great free printable goal setting sheets, check out these on Pinterest.As a resource for other activities check out Self-Esteem Experts.

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For some great free printable goal setting sheets, check out these on Pinterest.

Question:  What revelations came to you as your worked on your vision board, or your time line project?  Share on Facebook, or Twitter.










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