Coping with Creative Burnout

Coping with Creative Burnout


As artists, it’s to be expected. But when it happens to you, its debilitating intensity may come as a very unwelcome surprise.

For stylists, creative burnout is especially difficult. In part, this is due to the prevailing (and infuriating!) misconception that we’re not artists. For some reason, the general public tends to think of us as on par with a mechanic, a waitress, or a cashier. All those are respectable occupations, but few of them consider their work to be an artistic expression.

So when a mid-career stylist finds him or herself smacked in the face with creative burnout, our spouses, friends, family members, and clients may be baffled. They simply do not understand how the same creative blocks, self-doubt, and anxieties that plague artists who work in more familiar mediums (e.g., paint, dance, words) also arise for those of us in the beauty industry.

The fact remains, however, that stylists do experience creative burnout, creative blocks, and other issues common to all artists. We all grapple with this monster differently. Some may decide to leave the profession altogether. Others find solace in diving in deeper — attending more shows, taking courses or seminars to learn new skills or new products, immersing themselves more fully in the field by whatever means they can.

But most suffer silently. They may offhandedly mention their plight to colleagues or owners (or even the occasional client-who-is-also-a-friend), but they rarely lay out the depth of what they’re going through. And that’s what’s unfortunate because talking with other artists about it can actually be incredibly helpful.

Do you find yourself at a crossroads in the field? Do you feel burned out on the profession to the point that when you open your appointment book and see the names of your favorite regulars, you are filled with dread rather than excitement? Are you ready to hang it up completely and go live as a beach bum on a deserted island?

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. There is a way through this. And I can help you get there. Leave a message in the comments below and let me know how you’ve successfully coped with (or are trying to cope with) creative burnout. Together, we can help one another re-kindle that spark that kicked off your love of this very special art form.



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