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THINKING ABOUT WHAT IS NEXT Finding yourself at a crossroads in your career can be an uncomfortable discovery, and a crossroads point can mean many things. Perhaps you're thinking of quitting entirely. Maybe you're leaning towards changing specialties. Or you might be thinking about changing salons...

Unexpected Gifts Await You

You might think that you have no time to entertain the idea of working with a product company, but in my opinion, you have no time like the present to catapult your career to levels you could never have imagined.  Even if you do this for a short while, you attain skills that build upon what you already know and in unexpecting ways. beauty brand educator

That Could Make Or Break Your Business

How you respond to a client's dissatisfaction says a lot about who you are as a hairstylist.  Let's be honest, it's a sad day when a client returns to your chair and he/she/they are dissatisfied, and if you've been in the business any length of time, it's happened a few times.

No matter how long you've been styling hair, you never want to hear your client is unhappy with your work.  Here are fifteen ways you can respond to a dissatisfied client.  You choose.


Anytime, Anyplace

Have you ever got up in the morning and started getting ready for your busy day at the salon, and you feel like you are doing the same old routine? Nothing feels fresh, in fact, you walk or drive the same old way to work.  You eat the same pastry and drink the usual coffee, day in and day out.  You look up and your hair is even looking like it did three years ago?  This is stagnation.

14758845_l   Does this sound familiar? It’s okay, we all can find ourselves muddled in a routine, that slowly begins to take over our lives. It’s human nature to go for what is comfortable, rather than what will grow us. And sometimes we even have to see the carpet wearing before we realize we are really in a rut!