Growth Focused

THINKING ABOUT WHAT IS NEXT Finding yourself at a crossroads in your career can be an uncomfortable discovery, and a crossroads point can mean many things. Perhaps you're thinking of quitting entirely. Maybe you're leaning towards changing specialties. Or you might be thinking about changing salons...

Inexpensive, Effective, and Easy to Use

Okay, my hairstylist friends, today I’m going to share with you how pilates prop can help you with body pain.  They are inexpensive, effective and easy to use.  You can even travel with them, store them in attractive basket or container and keep in your living room, or wherever you watch TV.  We will go through each one that I use on a regular basis and share my own discoveries as well.

Pilates Props Rodriguez 

Unexpected Gifts Await You

You might think that you have no time to entertain the idea of working with a product company, but in my opinion, you have no time like the present to catapult your career to levels you could never have imagined.  Even if you do this for a short while, you attain skills that build upon what you already know and in unexpecting ways. beauty brand educator

Book Launch

What what would you say is the biggest issue in our industry that we don't talk about? My first book Self-Care For Hairdressers: How To Avoid Stress And Burnout, And Step Into The Professional You Were Meant To Be, is  finally here! This book is the first in a series and will be an essential for any salon, beauty school, hairdresser, and salon owner library. You probably know it, but may not be able to articulate it. However, I bet you can feel it. 

[caption id="attachment_545" align="aligncenter" width="842"]Balance Miles[/caption]   Through my observations and experience as a stylist, owner, and educator, I've noticed in the industry that not only are hairdressers the most empathic group of people, but we are also some of the most high strung, perfectionists, egotistical bunch I have ever known. Along with that is a great deal of suffering as well. And most of the time it is silent.

HOW IT CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR TEAM Too often you hear the word "competition" and you either freak out, especially if you consider yourself to be an introvert. Yes, competition unchecked can be the ruin of salon moral, but healthy competition elevates everybody on the team. [caption id="attachment_507" align="aligncenter" width="678"]jultud[/caption]