Take the Magical Mystery Tour of Your Mind and Body

Have you ever got up in the morning and started getting ready for your busy day at the salon, and you feel like you are doing the same old routine? At some point you will need to take the magical mystery tour of your mind and body when you are feeling stuck. For some of you, this may be daily, for some you it may be twice a day, and for some, every hour. You may even feel you are trapped in your body, with no access to feeling good. Nothing feels fresh, in fact, you walk or drive the same old way to work. You eat the same pastry and drink the usual coffee, day in and day out. You look up and your hair is even looking like it did three years ago?



Does this sound familiar? It’s okay, we all can find ourselves muddled in a routine, that slowly begins to take over our lives. It’s human nature to go for what is comfortable, rather than what will grow us.  And sometimes we even have to see the carpet wearing before we realize we are really in a rut! These feelings are very common for creative people, and people who seem to run on fumes. Is this you? It’s time for the magical mystery tour through your mind and body to get through this feeling stuck.


[tweetthis] “One of the most powerful things you can do to get in touch with your life, is to close your eyes and breathe.” REBECCA BEARDSLEY[/tweetthis]


At some point in time, life has a way of humbling you. That’s right! Stops you in your tracks and you can’t move, or function very easily.  The only way out is to feel into it. Get professional help and start learning about who you are. There is an aliveness there, a deep well of dynamism, and a wealth of clarity, and juiciness. Some would call this meditation, some would call it boring, some would call it sitting with oneself, some would even call it prayer.

Whatever the term, don’t knock it till you try it. I’m sure there are a fair amount of people walking around on this planet that are unaware of the this inner world. Untapped mysteries, and untold stories, along with a fullness of life happen when our body settles, and we can quiet the mind. This technique allows you to really drop in to who you are, and what matters most to you.




I am convinced that when you slow down long enough to close your eyes, and breath, that the movie of your life begins to fall away. The stories, the resistance to what is so, the grievances, the loss, the grief, the frustrations really start to peel away. Therein rests, if you are patient, a richness you could never imagine.

The worry, the grief, the pain, the suffering, the joy, the anxiety, the laughter, all falls away. You as you know yourself, begins to have no boundaries. With the breath, the pain moves, screen of images changes, the mind grasps at ideas trying to control the moment. Preferences begin to fall away.




When you breathe, and sense the breath, feel it as it enters the nose, and sense where it goes, you begin to feel a deep joy, and this is when you realize this is the only moment you have. The body is the past, the mind is the future, and the breath is here, right now.

I’ve taken many meditation courses throughout my life, and have studied every type of spiritual practice known to man, minus a few. What I found to work the best for me, is to sit with myself, close my eyes and breathe. We store so much in our bodies, and we run so much, taking care of everybody else.

We are willing to lift weights and buy the right food, and be the best hairdressers, but we barely know ourselves. We barely can sit with ourselves long enough, to get to the profound. Try it!  Make a pact with yourself, a date. Have your coffee first, then go sit quietly for a few minutes. Note your senses, note any changes in your understanding about your life.

Then, see what sitting for a little longer would feel like. Pretty soon, time drops away, and you are sitting in bliss. It’s different every time. Then the mundane falls away. Who knows, maybe you will find some other changes start to happen in your life because you are connecting with your inner life.

After years of maintaining a practice, you will realize every moment is a choice point.

Question:  What benefits are you noticing from meditating, sitting, prayer or any other types of quiet contemplation?  Answer on Facebook, or Twitter.



Keep track in a journal all that comes up for you when you practice. You will see similar story lines, and you can begin to heal what needs to be healed.



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