Affiliate Marketing: It Just Makes Sense

Affiliate Marketing: It Just Makes Sense

People influence people.  Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.  A trusted referral influences more than the best broadcast message.  A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

What is Affiliate Marketing Rebecca?

Basically, an affiliate marketing program just makes sense (or “$ense”, lol – see how I did that?) for hair salons and hair stylists.  It is like a referral program that gives other people and/or businesses the chance to promote products or services and receive a commission for their influenced sales. 

Specifically for the hair salon industry, we are going to explore TWO METHODS of affiliate marketing and how they can IMMEDIATELY IMPACT your salon’s bottom-line.

Product Affiliate Marketing

Product affiliate marketing is the most commonly thought of method of affiliate marketing for hair salons.  With this method, you would source products that align with your business, your ideology, and most importantly, on what you know would best serve your clients.  

It works by the manufacturer offering a personalized code or link for hair stylists to share with their clients that allows them to buy from their product line, direct from the product manufacturer or authorized distributor, like you. This is a WIN-WIN for all involved. 

Stylist and salon owner, Michelle Pritchard, who sourced product affiliate programs for her thriving hair salon puts it this wayThis benefits both the client and the stylist. By using codes, we (the hairstylist) get credit, the brand saves, and it’s easy as it ships straight from the company, which will help put a stop to diversion!

What is “diversion” and how is it a negative impact to consumers?  Well, these are products that have gone past their prime and are often found on non-verified vendors’ shelves for a discounted price.  One can never trust that they have not been tampered with either.  With no verification, no trusting reputation, consumers are left wanting severely.  

Your clients can only be guaranteed of quality by going through verified vendors, and/or directly with the manufacturer of the product line, and of course, through you, their favorite salon.  These are the only truly trustworthy options available to your clients.

Service Affiliate Marketing

Service affiliate marketing is a bit more involved for the hair stylist and/or hair salon, yet can offer greater rewards.  

In this case, the one offering commission is the hair stylist or hair salon. It works by sourcing local beauty bloggers of influence, inviting them to come into your salon and test your services, and then write about it to their followers.  They are given a special code or link to use that identifies each appointment that comes to you that you can then reward with a commission to the blogger.

In addition, by being selective with the influencers you choose, you can be sure of your best opportunities to connect with your ideal clients specifically.  

Affiliate marketing through either method obviously would be of great benefit to your business.  Putting BOTH METHODS into practice would without question make a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE to your appointment book and bottom-line!

How To Source Product Affiliate Marketing Programs

Many professional product lines are today offering affiliate programs for participating hair stylists and/or hair salons.  It is important though to select only those products you TRULY LOVE and that you are confident that they meet with your clients’ needs.  

A solid hair product affiliate program will include the following:

A commission for the products you refer clients to.  Commissions range from 10 – 40%.

Marketing collateral that you can use in the salon, your website, social media posts and emails to your clients to help promote their product line.

A website affiliate portal where you can monitor your commissions and payments.

How to Promote Commissionable Products

Really, promoting commissionable products to your clients is no different than when you are routinely recommending products to them.

When they are in the chair, and you are using the product on them, let them know what it is, what it is best known for, why you prefer it for them,  and how they can use it at home as well. 

In addition, you can promote these products through your content creations – social media, client newsletters, and blog posts.

If you have not yet added product affiliate marketing to your business, you simply must. The brands you bring into your salon will offer a percentage from products you are already selling online, mentioning on social media, or writing about in your salon blog. Mind you, this revenue stream isn’t an amount you will retire on, but different revenue streams are always helpful.

How To Create A Service Affiliate Marketing Program

Once you have sourced your local beauty influencers, you can craft special promotions for them to offer to their followers that are tracked by a special code or link you provide them with.  The blogger earns commission for each service booked with you, and/or products, and you win with a bigger book of business.

To make this easiest on you and your staff, you might automate the tracking through your website and/or digital booking system.  There are WordPress plugins made specifically for this.  Do your research.  Check out this article for a list of the top affiliate plugins to see what will best fit your needs.  

As I shared earlier, a service affiliate marketing program does require more effort on your part.  Establishing a service affiliate marketing program requires that you consider the following to make it successful:

  • Pricing – Your pricing now, for every booked customer or product purchased through the program, will include giving a commission to your affiliate.  You may want to consider that raising your prices is wise to make up for this.
  • All The Details – You will need to map out the entire process for each touchpoint, for your affiliate, your salon, and for your client experience.  Perhaps you aren’t making all services or products available for this program?  You will need to put all this to the bottom-line test to see what makes best sense for your salon.
  • Your Website – Your website needs to be ready to attract your ideal clients once exposed to a wider audience.  Sourcing the right affiliate management system plugin and setting it up will take focus and time as well, ensuring it can generate a specific tracking code and is easy to set up for you. 
  • A Landing Page For It – You should create a landing page for your affiliate program.  It could include a detailed description of the opportunity or it could be as simple as a short description added to your contact page that links to an application.  
  • Make It Easy For Them – Make your affiliates successful and you will be successful. Invest in creating a library of quality social media posts of various sizes, email content, and banner ads that your affiliates can easily deploy to promote your services and products.
  • The Legalities – You should get very precise in all your program terms and conditions, setting out specific guidelines for your affiliates to follow.  It is here too that you will outline your commissionable products and services, the amounts for them, and the ‘how’ and ‘when’ you will pay out your commissions.  Consider running these details by a trusted legal advisor just to be clear on what you are creating.

Despite all the considerations, once in place, a service affiliate marketing program can be a huge difference maker for your hair salon business.  

Affiliate marketing is clearly a game-changer for hair stylists and hair salons alike.  

Want an easy checklist to manage all these details for your own affiliate marketing program?  Click here to get your FREE Checklist For Hair Stylist & Hair Salon Affiliate Marketing

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