To Our Winspired Community

You are joining a group of winspired hairstylists, who just like you, covet a life and business that are balanced, and growing.  We work hard, play hard, but most of all, we make a self-care balanced approach to it all, our top priority.

Yes, Virginia…you CAN have it all, without killing yourself!

Discover For Yourself

My Story

A few years ago, I realized that I have been the ‘go-to’ for answers and advice in the hair salons I have worked in.  Yes – I was the most senior, but it went beyond that.  I was also the most actively growing in my business, and my co-workers saw this and would seek me out for counsel and insights, which I LOVED helping them with!

So I decided to own this role and make it my mission to help creative high-achieving hairdressers all over the world, like you, to learn what they didn’t learn in beauty school, build a sustainable life and career, and step into the beauty professionals they were meant to be.

My Pro Life

In 2010, I partnered with the #1 beauty brand in the world, L’Oreal Professionnel and traveling to New York City for both; Fashion Week and becoming a National Artist, leading courses in Dresswork in salons nationwide, and in NYC, as well as being a founding member of the Styling Council, designing curriculum for our new program for the nation. I was a member on this council with national leaders such as James Morrison, Amit Abraham, Pepper Pastor, Jennifer MacDougal, Cheng Tan, and Eric Gomez.

Working with L’Oreal Professionnel gave me the opportunity to meet great leaders in the beauty industry, and cultivate the leader in myself.

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My Salon

If you’re in the Oakland area, pop on by to see my own salon.  It is where I craft for my clients, and work with my 1:1 local coaching clients.  This space, this salon, like yours are to you, is my creative sanctuary.

Let me show you how to create your own, and grow it to the vision you are meant to have realized!

Your Invitation To Shine

“The world will see you how you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself.” ~ Anonymous

Love Notes

Fun Deets About Me

LOVES to cook!

LOVES to walk Arlo!

A Confessed Wannabe Gardener

LOVES historical fiction!

Will Do ANYTHING For Chocolate!

Fave Time: Family Time!