How You Can Learn From Them

Have you ever worked next to a hairdresser who has to be better than everybody else? You know the type I am sure. They are to cool for school. They have enough magnetism to draw the salt from the ocean.  You hear them, before you see them. sanches1980 sanches1980


They breeze by as they walk in and everything is perfect, their outfit is on point, hair is styled, nails are painted. They charm their way through the salon, turning heads as they go. It looks like life hasn’t touched them with any adversity, no scuffed shoes for them. And you wonder what is up with that?  

And yet, they are booked, they are decent at the craft, they are busy with invitations to do things outside of work. And you say to yourself, “But I am an introvert, I can never be like that, and maybe I don’t want to be.”

Then I made myself wrong for how I underperformed, or how I dressed, or where I came from.T his was my response, until I realized I only hurt myself with this attitude. The cycle of descent left me feeling quite incompetent.  It would never leave me paralyzed, but it did hold me back from soaring.

I think there is more to this than putting people in categories such as extrovert or introvert.

[tweetthis]We all have a place, we all have a tribe, and we all have different ways of doing things. REBECCA BEARDSLEY[/tweetthis]


All are valuable.

Hairdressers with large egos are in every salon, and can certainly cause a ruckus, and leave a wake of bewilderment and beguilement, behind them. It’s as if every salon needs one, the token showman.  Salon owners put up with it, because they very well could be the top producing stylist, and let’s face it, our industry has a cup of ego runneth over, charm in spades.

But these are Five characteristics these hairdressers have, and how you can walk away unscathed, and learn from them.

1. They don’t appear to take in what is going on around them.  A whole symbiotic, chill environment could be happening in the salon, and they don’t even notice. Maybe they do notice, but just don’t care. They will even go change the music to suit themselves. They don’t notice that their client is waiting, and not happy. They go about their business, without seeing their effect on others.

And although this may not be the kind of person we want to be, there is a learn here.  Having a bit off buffer around you is not such a bad thing. Letting things go, and not letting life get to us is a definite positive. Hairdressers tend to be very empathetic, and could afford to have a bit more distance between them and their client and her situations.

2. They treat their clients as if they are the lucky one to have their hair styled by him/her.  Although this holier-than-thou attitude is unappealing, and we think how do their clients put up with this? I even see this in new students out of school!

We all need to give ourselves a certain amount of this authority when we stand behind the chair, clients do want to know what we think. Most of the time they are wanting our advice, and we can do this while maintaining humility. Clients need to feel we know what we are doing and that we can lead. They will go to someone who is over confident, just so they can feel it themselves.

3. They usually have decent skill set. Question is, could they be better? Can mediocrity get you by? Sure, but you will be bored out of your mind, you will always be looking for that next thing to fill you up.

Instead of taking in, and receiving all the value from each experience. Digest it. Strive to always be better, always learn from those around you.  Be open, always be a student. Learn from those around you, even from those who are polar opposite from us. 

4. They can be quite verbal and to the point, maybe even abrasive. This can leave a lot of sting on those of us who are more introverted or quiet. I might add, just because you are quiet and introverted, does not mean you are a doormat. I think of it as a quiet power, own it!

The learn here is to not take it personally! Repeat after me, do not take it personally.  Likelihood of you needing to speak up more and voice your opinions is pretty high. Not everything that goes on around us is directly related to us, and yet if drama exists in our environment, we might want to look at how we are adding to it.

Life is full of paradox!  That is a whole other post. The more ways we can be uniquely ourselves, focus on developing ourselves, we won’t be even looking that way, and we will find more joy.

5. Sometimes these big ego types wear out.  Literally, they evaporate, fall prey to illness, burn up their relationships, can’t build long term loyalty, and lose customers. Take notice, and be the one that builds a solid foundation in your business, craft and life.  

You will be able to live with yourself because you know you’ve earned your success. You will be noticed by all those around you and build a solid practice of one where clients will return again and again.

Our hairdressers with large egos have something to teach all of us, whether we like it or not.  But we all need to be who we are, and lean in to the greatness we have within us, quit looking over at the next chair, and develop your weaknesses.


Question: What learns have you experienced regarding people with large egos?  Share your answers on Facebook, and Twitter.

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