Have you ever felt stuck creatively or in your career and wondered what to do? Come on, tell the truth. Even the world gets stuck in the muck. Have you seen the news lately? Sometimes when you get into the daily routine of serving clients, it is easy to lose sight of yourself and what juices you; boredom sets in, and yet you need to pay your bills; you need to keep turning out haircuts. You like your career choice generally, but sometimes you just can’t even give a good haircut. Then you say to yourself, “Man, I’m tired. Maybe I just need to find another career.”

Stop. Hold everything. Every experienced hairstylist, every top stylist, every icon in the beauty industry has experienced some of these feelings in various careers. Don’t worry. Help is on its way. Five beauty industry experts share what they do to counteract or confront this feeling and where they focus their attention.




“It’s normal to feel stuck at times in your career. My advice when this happens is to shake it up. Attend some education [Get some education? or Attend some classes?]…a hands-on workshop is a great way to get yourself out of your comfort zone. There are some great motivational speakers in our industry, including Michael Cole, Frank Gambuzza, Jen Planck and Geno Stampora.

Surround yourself with people who have the qualities you admire, or wish to have yourself. Volunteer to assist someone you look up to. Volunteer to work backstage at a hair show. Talk to other hairdressers who do other things in our industry to see if you want to try another area of our industry…such as being an educator, doing freelance and editorial work, working for film and television, etc. There are so many branches to our industry to explore. It just takes courage and investigation!

And don’t think because you live in a smaller city or town that there are no options for you. Through social media so much is possible! Hairbrained is an excellent way to connect with other artists who are passionate and to put your work out there. Explore!”  Ruth Roche






“I’ve had many challenging moments over the years. Those that stand out all revolve around making tough decisions. The most difficult ones are often because they have required me to make a serious change, and often one that was rather uncomfortable.
What do I do? I always start by asking myself, what about this change is making me so…(blank feeling)? That is my starting point.
From here I look at my goals and what makes me happy. Sometimes what we think our goals are do not make us happy, but they really need to be both.

Then, I weigh my options and come up with a solution that will create balance.”  

Pepper Pastor



“When you feel stuck in the muck, reach out to those who’ve walked before you.”




“When feeling creatively stuck, I often look for guidance from the masters at museums and the many art books surrounding me. The textures, colors and visionary aspects allow me to escape into their world and look at my work from a very different and external viewpoint.” Scott Smith

Scott Smith can be found hard at work in San Francisco. Look him up here: beautybysmith.com




“My passion has always been hair. However, I enjoy helping others get to the next phase in their profession as a Hairdresser.

It’s easy to feel like you are stuck in a never ending career or uncertain area of your life. I’ve felt like this several times, therefore I cannot single out one time. However, when I start to feel like this I remember my mentor’s words of wisdom, “It is an honor to have the client sit in your chair versus the client wanting me.” [Not sure what this means. Can you clarify?]Sometimes we feel unmotivated, unappreciated, or just plain unhappy. When I get in this rut, I do four things to improve my situation:

1. Carve out time for improvement, investing in yourself and sticking to it. (i.e., training, self-help books, and new experiences, just to name a few.) MONIQUE MINGO JACKSON-2

2. Focus on what’s behind the dissatisfaction. Do you need to rest? Are you not performing to your full potential? We are people pleasers, and we tend to forget about ourselves. Take a vacation so you can rejuvenate. This is very important! Time away allows you to reflect on what is great about your career. ”

3. Think about your interests, hobbies, and passions. I’m a Salon Owner and L’Oreal Professionnel Artist which allows me to be a mentor or a mentee! Therefore, my inspiration comes from sharing or receiving knowledge from the hairdressers that work with me at M Salon & Spa, teaching/attending a class, museums, and [meeting? teaching?] newbies to the industry.

4. Map out what I need to do to get my mojo back (my Monique Mingo Jackson).

Throughout this process I remind myself, Don’t let yourself lose momentum. Stay committed and focused on the process and know to whom much is given, much is required.”  Monique Mingo Jackson

Owner/Hair Designer
M Salon & Spa Inc




“I always feel stuck in my career. I am constantly pushing myself to create something better that will leave a legacy for my craft and for Hairbrained. Most nights I go to sleep thinking about how to do better, be better and achieve more, and most mornings I wake up and try to attack some of these goals. I use mind maps and try to gather my thoughts and ambitions regularly, and I look at them constantly, trying to cross off or iterate on key points. If I accomplish and execute on half of it in a relative amount of time I know I am moving in the right direction.”  Gerard Scarpaci

CoFounder Hairbrained.me, educator and big picture thinker



As you can see, the world gets stuck in the mud, and these 5 beauty industry experts reveal what they do when in this circumstance. Think on this topic, see what resonates for you, what doesn’t work, and try to steer yourself back on track with some of these suggestions. We’ve all been there and continue to be there, it’s part of life, and part of what makes us get to the next level of our own growth. Meeting with these feelings is part of what drives us to the next inspiration or aspect to explore. Always reach out when you are feeling this way.



Reach out to someone you respect, someone you don’t know. They aren’t invested in a particular action on your part, as they don’t have the history with you. Sometimes you need an outside perspective, and for someone to share their own experience with you.



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