4 Ways to Charge Your Creativity

4 Ways to Charge Your Creativity

When you feel like you’re in a rut or are in need of new inspiration to fuel that business idea, job search, or passion project – use that as an opportunity to revisit creative outlets you used to love, or explore new ones.


Putting a paintbrush to paper, canvas, or an object you find around the house is an effective and low-key way to spark creativity. Painting ignites your imagination and lets you see familiar things from a different perspective or in an entirely new light. Letting your paintbrush freely move about your canvas puts your brain into exploration mode and helps you to become more innovative with your ideas.


Whether it be in a blog post or a journal, writing can draw out your inner most thoughts and dreams. It’s been said that some people don’t truly know how they’re feeling until they see the words come out on paper. If you’ve been thinking about writing but have been hesitant because you feel you don’t know what to write about, just grab a pen and paper and start. The words will come to you, and they might even be in the form of new goals and ideas. Start by simply reflecting on things that make you happy, things that make you sad, or perhaps things about the world around you that you wish you could change.


Moving your body is a great way to let loose. It’s helps to free up space in your mind, making room for new ideas. In addition to boosting energy, reducing stress, and minimizing the side effects of depression, dancing actually has a way of helping you make better decisions. When you find yourself faced with a number of different directions you could go in, blast your favorite high-energy music and dance it out in the privacy of your home or out on the dance floor!


There’s nothing quite like getting your creative juices flowing by putting your hands in the dirt! There are a ton of different garden activities that are good for both your mental and physical health. When you’re feeling so overwhelmed you feel like throwing in the towel, imagine how good it would feel to get your hands in the soil and pull out some pesky weeds. This will help you let go of some of that frustration and allow space for solutions and new ideas. Something as simple as raking dead leaves can also give you that similar satisfaction. Think of the leaves strewn about your lawn as your problems and stresses. Raking them away leaves your lawn looking healthy, fresh, and with plenty more room to grow. That action represents you clearing your mind of things that no longer serve you, making more room for you to grow as a person, entrepreneur, or creative.

Other ways that can help you reignite your creativity are things like knitting, re-organizing a section of your home, daily exercise, trying out new recipes, and so much more.

Your creativity is what makes you unique. You need to constantly nurture it so it continues to grow, blossom, and help you achieve all the glorious things you want out of your lifWorking towards building your own business or diving into a new career comes with a wave of different emotions. Sometimes you’re highly motivated by your passion and the endless possibilities that wait for you up ahead; other times you’re overwhelmed with challenges and constant self-doubt. All the different emotions you experience are all part of the journey.

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