3 Easy Steps For Challenge Success

3 Easy Steps For Challenge Success




How have you been doing with the challenge so far?  Our challenge began on Monday and we hope you have joined us on the journey of getting things right to begin the year.

Each day we are posting on Instagram a tip for the day and would love for you to share what you have discovered as you move through the challenge.  Check out and follow us on IG right here.  If you would like to join us live, please email us at [email protected]



The challenge is an opportunity to tune into your business and see where you are stuck. We realize the challenge includes a lot of steps and some steps involve more than what you can do in a day. What we hope is that you will look into the suggested areas of your business and see what needs light, more thought, and planning. Consider it a creative challenge.

Here are 3 steps to help you succeed with the challenge:


        1.  MINDSET RESET

Effecting any change in our lives requires the right mindset.  A lot of seemingly impossible feats are made possible with the right kind of thinking.  Remember, before you can achieve anything you need to see yourself doing it.

Getting the most out of this 14-day challenge requires that you adopt a dogged mindset. Be willing to get uncomfortable, not every aspect of your business life will be neat and tidy. It is only in discomfort that you can truly start to grow.  Expect some bumps in the road.


        2.  SET GOALS

Plenty of pen and paper or a spiral notebook will help keep you organized. Print out the 14-Day Challenge. We’ve allowed some room for notetaking, but the notebook will help keep all your notes handy as you work through the workbook.

When I take classes, I keep a binder with lined paper and the handouts from the workshop all in one place and label the binder.


Here are 6 things you can do to stay on track:

  1. Begin Day 1.
  2. Keep track of questions, write notes, reactions, feelings.
  3. Set mini-goals for yourself
  4. List out people you may need to reach out to, or calls to make.
  5. Take photos of yourself as you move through each step, post them on your social media.
  6. Keep yourself balanced by meditating.  This will keep you grounded and prevent overwhelm.


        3.  REACH OUT

Any time you get overwhelmed, reach out to a friend, a colleague. In fact, invite a colleague to join you. Or, reach out to me directly via DM on Instagram, or message me through FB Messenger, or book a call on either platform as well.

Keeping yourself supported is probably one of the most difficult aspects of the challenge. It is easy to write off yourself and your goals because of fear of being seen by others. Don’t let it happen to you. Being seen and heard is probably one of the most valuable gifts I can offer you.

Make sure to surround yourself with like-minded people who can offer you guidance and support.  Especially when you are trying to change habits.

If you can’t embark on the challenge now, you can always do it on your own later. Revisit this article whenever you’re ready.  You can also get the workbook here.


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