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Feeling STUCK? LOST Your Mojo? RUNDOWN?

Let’s figure out what’s holding you back from the life and salon business you deeply desire!

  • Maybe you’re JUST STARTING OUT, fresh, from school and not sure where to take your career?
  • Maybe you’ve been at it for awhile, and are NOT FEELING FULFILLED, and thus not growing the business you want?
  • Or maybe you’re READY TO UPLEVEL your business but not clear on where you want to take it?
Let’s do this!

Insights You Can Use

Actionable tips, insights, and mindsets that you can use TODAY for your life & salon business.



You’re excited! You’ve finished your salon school but now what?  Where do you want to take your career, and how best to get there? No worries, I gotcha covered.


Your passion for this work is gone.  You don’t want to leave it, but you’re unsure of how to breathe life in it again.  Trust me – I’ve been there, and I’ve got your back!



You’ve got ideas for your business constantly flooding you, but you’re unclear how to make the best sense of it all for the growth you want.  Let’s do this Rockstar!

“Balance is not something you FIND. It’s something you CREATE.”

~ Jana Kingsford


If you find yourself in any of the above, then you are in the right place. Starting and growing your dream business while creating holistic balance in your life, is more than hard work and consistency. It takes getting guidance from someone who has successfully done it before you.  Helping others with this is EXACTLY my passion!

What you’re missing in your personal and business life is A NEW WAY OF THINKING, DOING, and BEING that will directly impact the growth of your business. It will also help you achieve MORE FREEDOM in your personal life so you won’t burn out, but will allow you to lean into your business, ALIGNED with your purpose.  You CAN indeed have it all…without killing yourself!

Let’s get you MORE CLARITY and feeling MORE FOCUSED, MORE CREATIVE, and ultimately achieving MORE GOALSAND making money!

My V-I-P (Very Inspired Producer) Program

Up Your Salon Game is the ULTIMATE in transformation for your life and stylist career/business! I’ve put all my background, experiences and trainings into this program – it is everything but the salon sink!

Mindsets, systems and templates to save you time and energy, self-care foundations every growth-minded stylist MUST put in place, and proven strategic planning, it’s all here!  Up Your Salon Game is like hiring a full-time pro strategist that is your bestie, always looking out for you!

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What I Offer

1:1 Coaching

You have a specific area of focus you want to deep-dive into.  Whether that’s the business side of things, or creating a foundational self-care practice you can live and thrive with, I’m here for you with clear, actionable solutions.

Group Coaching

You LOVE having more feedback in the room.  You thrive from a community that is of like-minds.  My group coaching programming offers exactly this!  Together we all learn and grow more! Join us and feel for yourself!


Whether it is the keynote of a main stage, or the intimate learning from a salon’s small stage, I can bring the oomph and insights your audience needs!  It is up to we leaders to always plant new seeds for our team’s growth. Let’s make some magic!

“The way to get started is to QUIT TALKING and GET DOING.”

~ Walt Disney

Love Notes


Catch one of my FANTABULOUS events!

Join others just like you in fun, engaging, and uber informative workshops, day ‘Discover & Recover’ retreats, and other special events with me.  Learn firsthand from me, participate in ‘get-up-off-the-chair’ interactive activities, and hear from special leading guest speakers! I CAN’T WAIT to meet you!


These are a few of my FAVORITE things!

Shop from MY PERSONAL FAVES in the industry that I have vetted, tested, and put through the paces. Brushes, equipment, treatments and more. Add brands and tools that you can put to use immediately, with the peace of mind that these are trusted by one of the foremost leaders in salon business coaching.

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Self-Care For Hairdressers

First You

Contrary to popular belief, hairdressing is a very stressful job. Nationwide, many hairdressers I’ve met have LOST THEIR CREATIVITY, are BURNED OUT, UNHAPPY, and left wondering if they should do something else for their career.

Self-Care For Hairdressers focuses on WHAT THEY DON’T TEACH YOU in beauty school. You’ll discover:

  • Why many stylists leave the industry, burned out and underpaid, even though they may be booked in the salon.
  • Why a lot of stylists are exhausted and losing sight of their hopes and dreams for their life.
  • What they don’t teach you in beauty school.
  • Ways to manage stress, recognize the signs of burnout, start to dream again, and reconnect with your purpose, joyfully discover the professional that you were meant to be, and make the money you deserve.
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